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There were problems, because it was hard to gain any ground, and the conditions in the trenches were absolutely terrible. They were strewn with dead bodies and waste, not to mention all the mud from rain. It was very unsanitary; trench warfare was really quite terrible.

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What was the warfare like in world war 1?

Trench warfare. They would sit in trenches and shoot at the enemy trench

How was the dugout used in trench warfare?

to hide from enemy

What were the strategies of the trench warfare?

To protect themselves from enemy fire.

Why was it difficult to gain an advantage over the enemy in trench warfare?

It was hard because they were entrenched in their position, and when not moving forward they are on the defensive. Much of the trench warfare resulted in a deadlock, because of the difficulty of gaining ground. It was difficult because of the no-man's-land in between the enemy trenches covered with barbed wire, and the machine guns that could totally annihilate an entire charge.

What is a description of trench warfare?

Trench warfare was a battle in which both sides build trenches in the ground (like long ditches in the ground) and they hid to protect themselves from enemy bullets.

How trench warfare was fought?

During WWI, in trench warfare, German armies dug holes in the ground that were 6 to 8 ft. tall, and wide enough that 2 soldiers could walk side by side at the same time! Trench warfare was fought by one group of soldiers advancing across no mans land to assault the enemy trench quickly, before returning to their trench to apply defensive fire on the enemy, who has retaliated by assaulting their trench. Then the enemy return once fire has ceased. Then they wait for the next move to be made.

What was the method of warfare used in world war 1?

Trench warfare was mostly used, and planes were used to locate enemy positions

Advantages of a trench?

An advantage of a trench is that it was a line of security. Soldiers that were in trenches were able to see enemy soldiers and surprise them by force.

Why was trench warefare used in world war 1?

the reason for trench warfare was to take cover from enemy fire and motar shell fargments.

Why was it hard to gain an advantage over the enemy in trench warfare?

Because the opposing side was dug in, well entrenched, and used devestating weapons like the machine guns, which created bloody stalemate.

What was trench fighting?

Trench Warfare took place most notably in World War I. This type of warfare involved digging trenches (large lines about 12 feet deep) and slowly wearing down the enemy. Trenches were a good shelter from enemy small arms fire and well protected from most artillery strikes. Hope this helped. Type Trench Warfare Wiki into google.

What is it called when opposing armies dig parallel lines to protect themselves from enemy fire?

trench warfare

Trench warfare consisted of digging hole to trap enemy equipment?

During World War I, trench warfare consisted of much more than digging holes to trap the enemy. Offensive "trenching" was often used to prepare for attacks: new lines were cut into the earth that allowed attackers to approach enemy lines under cover. Many trench lines were dug for communications and supply purposes. Above all, trench warfare consisted of long lines, often zig-zagging and in echelon, cut into the earth which enabled ground troops to remain protected while fighting the enemy.

Who was the enemy during the trench warfare?

The Germans faced France and French colonial forces, Britain and Britich colonial forces, and, eventually, the Americans on their Western Front in trench warfare. Austrian and Germans faced the Russians for a time on the Eaastern Front, some of that in trench warefare.

What was trench warfare and why was it so deadly?

* The Trench Warfare was when soldiers would dig trenches and lay down in them with machine guns and wait for the enemy to come. They were deadly because it killed hundreds of people all at one time.

Was the trench warfare used to trap soldiers in mud pits on the front lines?

NO! It was used to stop the enemy shooting you!

What were trench knives used for in world war 1?

They were used for hand to hand combat if the enemy jumped into their trenches. This was the first war with extensive use of trench warfare.

Why did attempts to break through enemy lines rarely work under trench warfare?

In trench warfare, the lines are protected by miles of wire and entrenchments. It is very difficult for large formations of men and materiel to move across such an environment.

Why did trench warfare cause stalemate in World War I?

Because in trench warfare, defense is easy, but offense is costly and difficult. Charging headlong into rows of machine guns is almost always a disaster. So if you can't advance, and neither can your enemy, you get a stalemate.

Why is the wire at such an angle?

Barb wire was angled in trench warfare for protection. It was angled in a way that would prevent the enemy from entering the trenches.

How does trench warfare favor the defender?

The defender just sits in the trenches since there is no need to push on the enemy trenches. The enemy has to send soldiers down through the dead zone/no man's land where all or most will get shot down by soldiers firing from the defender's trenches or by artillery fire. In fact, many British and American soldiers died this way when arrogant generals with no trench warfare experience sent squads after squads of men to die rushing the defender trenches. The defender also has the benefit of being more prepared for the trench warfare with more time to plan trench design, better supply stocks and delivery routes. For trench design, the defender can create trenches on high ground which is a critical tactical advantage over the attacker and very difficult to break.

What was trench warfare and why was it so destructive?

Trench warfare was when soldiers dug holes in the ground so they could hide and be protected from the enemy but also be able to attack. Trench warfare was so destructive because it dragged on for long periods of time, trenches took up a lot of land, a lot of corpses were left in the middle of no mans land, anything between the trenches was pretty much destroyed.

What problems did the British soldiers have to face ww1?

Trench warfare was the biggest problem that the British soldiers faced during WWI. Not only did they have to survive enemy fire, but also the weather and conditions of fighting in a trench.

What weapon introduction signaled the end of trench warfare why for world war I?

Airplanes probably ended trench warfare because they could fly over enemy camps, fire down on them, and gather information about troop arrangements. Source: My social studies teacher (a little) and my inference...

What was trench warfare designed to do?

prevent you from getting shot, it was to protect land that you had moved across and prevent the enemy from moving towards captured towns/villages

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