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there life was hard because they had to do lots of work

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What is a Middle Ages monk?

A monk from the middle ages

What type of life did a monk have in the Middle ages?

It was very bad they could not marry and lived only to document events and serve god

What is a monk in middle ages?

A peaceful, spiritual, religious man seeking enlightenment.

Were there monks in the middle ages?

There were lots and lots of monks in the Middle Ages. Nuns, too. Roger Bacon was a famous monk of the period, and Hildegard of Bingen was a famous nun.

Name three great scholars of the middle ages?

Erasmus a monk, St. Thomas Moore and

Where did a monk in Middle Ages live?

In a monastery. They could not leave the monastery besides the exception of the fryer.

What does monk mean in the middle ages?

a group of community men who vows to poverty and religious beliefs

What is the name of a monk in the middle ages?

Roger Bacon was a famous English monk, who is credited for advancing science a good deal. Hildegard von Bingen was a famous German nun who was a poet and expert in healing herbs.

What was a monk do in Middle Ages?

A monk usually lived in a monastic community. There he would pray, chant or sing and do other chores to help his group such as farming, baking, making cheese and wine, or copying books or illustrating books.

Who were some examples of ancient elite warriors?

Spartans,Persian Immortal, Shaolin Monk,Aztec Jaguar Kight, Harii, The Praetorian Guard, Jomsviking(early middle ages),Theban Sacred Band, Somatophylakes, Hetairoi(Alexander's , Batavi, Apache, Rajput(early middle ages), Zanda Warrior

What did a monk wear in the middle ages of Europe?

* tunic * scapula * cowl * hair skirt * cross on a chain * stockings * closed shoes Colors * grey * white * brown* black

What was a friar in the middle ages?

A male member of a religious order that originally relied solely on alms Well, I thought a friar was a monk who conducted services with his holy group of people.

What is a monk?

A monk is someone who dedicates their life to God, once they become a monk they agree to lead a simple life. They are restricted from having any relationships.

What did medieval school uniform look like?

I think you may be reffering to the Renaissance because there was no school in the middle ages. ----- There were a lot of schools in the Middle Ages, and about seventy of them are still open today. I don't think they had uniforms, however. A lot of the schools were in monasteries, and the monks had uniform habits (clothes), but these were related to the monastic life, rather than the schools, and a student who was not a monk or novice would not have worn a habit, because they related to the order, not the school.

What percentage of people worked in agriculture in the middle ages?

I have read that 90% to 95% of all people were involved in agriculture in the middle ages. You should bear in mind that agriculture was not only on manors, but also conducted by monastic organizations, so a person could be a monk whose actual job was working on a farm or in an orchard or vineyard.

What is a monk middle age?

A member of the Catholic church.

In the middle ages did certain pieces of clothing pertain to certain occupations?

To some extent. The leather apron was worn by men who worked in jobs like blacksmithing and of course the monk wore his robes.

Life of a monk?

The life of a monk is quite simple. All day, monks usually pray or go to Mass. They also fast alot. There is certainly not alot to say about the lifestyle of a monk.

Was Gandhi a monk?

Gandhi started out as a lawyer, but yes he did become a monk later in his life

What affects did religion have on civilization?

They have brought countries together, as well as tearing them apart. The Islams took over almost all the Middle East a while back and spread technology, some religions were the only way to get educated in the middle ages, becoming a nun or monk.

What is the Hawaiian monk seals life span?

The avrage life span of the Hawaiian Monk Seal in the WILD is from 25 to 30 years. That is in the wild

Where is the monk in fantasy life war craft 3?

The monk is in the mountains. You have to go through a series of caves to get to him.

Was the monk a serf?

The word "serf" means slave and a monk was of the clergy. They were different people with different stations in life.

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