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Q: Why was seabiscuit a hero when heroes were desperately needed?
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What are the singular form for heroes and countries?

The plural form of the noun hero is heroes.

Is hero a singular or plural?

The noun 'hero' is singular (one hero).The plural noun is heroes.

Which do you use heroes or Hero's?

Heroes is the plural form of hero, denoting more than one. Example: There were many heroes during Nine-Eleven. Hero's is a possessive form denoting something that belongs to the hero. Example: The hero's clothes were torn and tattered after the battle.

Is it unsung heroes or hero's or heros?

The correct spelling is "Unsung Heroes." Hero's means: belonging to the hero, and heros is just an incorrect spelling.

Who were Jim Henson's heroes?

Jim has no heroes but, he himself is a HERO!

What the plural for hero?

The plural form of the noun hero is heroes.

How do you choose your heroes?

You choose your hero by checking if the hero has a heart for you.

How many elementle heroes are there?

There are currently 57 released Elemental Hero monsters (not including Neo-Spacians, Evil Heroes, Destiny Heroes, Vision Heroes, and other "Hero" monsters without the Elemental Hero namesake).For more information on the Elemental Hero series, click on the "Related Link" below.

How do you get a hero on Super Hero Squad Online when your playing for free and don't have any heroes left?

You start with 4 heroes

Who is the best heroes character?

has to be HERO!!