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Why was stained glass invented?

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it was invented for religious reasons

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Why were stained glass windows invented?

to honor God with scenes from the bible

Who invented stained glass?

The technology for making glass dates back at least 5,000 years, and some form of stained glass was used in European Christian churches by the third or fourth century A.D. The art of stained glass flowered in the 12th century with the rise of the Gothic cathedral. [1]

When was stained glass developed?

stained glass was first developed?

Is stained glass opaque translucent or transparent?

Stained glass is translucent.

When was Stained Glass Morning created?

Stained Glass Morning was created in 1970.

When was Stained Glass Windows created?

Stained Glass Windows was created in 1948.

Is stained glass organic or inorganic?

Glass is an inorganic substance, stained or otherwise.

Who invented stain glass windows?

We do not know who invented stained glass, but it was probably invented in western Europe in the Early Middle Ages. Colored glass had been used earlier for various purposes, and colored designs made of substances other than glass had been used in window areas, but we have no record or evidence of stained glass windows. The earliest known reference to stained glass dates from 675 AD, at which time workers from France are recorded to have been brought to the monastery of St Peter at Monkwearmouth to glaze the windows. There is a link below.

When was stain glass windows invented?

The Egyptians had the first idea for stained glass windows. They would make colored glass beads by winding a thin string of molten glass around a removable clay core. This glass is opaque and very precious. The Egyptians made these glass beads around 2750 and 2625 BC. Then the Romans invented stained glass by melting sand and wood ash. They colored the glass they would add powderd metals while the glass is still molten. The molten glass is blown in to a cilinder shape, then they it is flatttened into a flat piece. The glass is placed into window frame. And to answer the original question stained glass windows were invented around the first century AD.

What material is used in stained glass?

In stained glass, they use things in normal glass but add colors and make it thinner.

How and where does one sell stained glass windows?

One place to sell stained glass is on EBay.

Are stained glass windows religious?

Yes, stained glass windows have a particular religious significance.

When was Behind the Stained Glass created?

Behind the Stained Glass was created on 2008-05-20.

When was Stained Glass - novel - created?

Stained Glass - novel - was created in 1978.

Why was stained glass an achievement during the Middle Ages?

what did stained glass makers achieve in middle ages

Where is the largest stained glass window in the Midwest?

Justice, Illinois is the largest stained glass window in the Midwest.

When was Munich-style stained glass created?

Munich-style stained glass was created in 1827.

When was Transparent Stained-Glass Windows created?

Transparent Stained-Glass Windows was created in 2002.

Where can one purchase decorative glass?

There are many types of decorative glass. A popular type of decorative call is stained glass. Stained glass or colored glass is available from many businesses including Cranberry Stained Glass Studio & Supply in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Who made stained glass?

The egyptians were the ones who started stained glass by making jewelry such as necklaces. Pliny had a big part in stained galss too.

How do you make stained glass windows?

We need to start with a pattern to prepare a stained glass windows. The pattern is nothing but an image that we want to create on the stained glass window. The following are the steps for the same.Cut a stained glass piece which is slightly larger than the dimensions of your windowDraw the pattern on the stained glass piece.Cut the glass piece along the edges of the pattern drawn in step 2Put the pieces back together and solder themThat's it. Your stained glass window is ready.

What purpose do stained glass windows serve?

Stained glass windows are used to depict images, usually thematic. e.g. In a church, there would be stained glass windows depicting stories from the Bible, in a college lecture hall, there could be stained glass windows depicting flora and fauna.

How long has stained glass been around?

Stained Glass Has been around since the early middle ages.

Was stained glass used in the Gothic time period?

Yes, stained glass and mosaics were the most common mediums.

When was Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows created?

Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows was created in 2000.