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Q: Why was the 1765 Stamp Act so controversial?
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What was not included in the so- called intolerable acts?

The Stamp Act, passed in 1765, was not one of the Intolerable Acts.

What are facts about the stamp act?

The Stamp Act began in 1765. It was created as a method of generating revenue for soldiers representing England. This became a controversial choice as Colonists refused the military presence.

What 8 items were taxed in 1765?

1765 the stamp act passed..... so we want to know what was taxed

What came after the stamp act?

first was the sugar act in 1764. after that was the stamp act in 1765. and after that was the townshen act.... so the answer is the Townshen Act. <3 C;

Why did the poor people hate the Stamp Act of 1765?

Because they don't have any stamps and they are so poor

Who was in the Boston stamp act?

The Stamp Act (1765) affected all of the American colonies by taxing paper goods, which had to have a revenue stampaffixed. This wa a direct tax that the colonists protested as being enacted without their representation or benefit.

When did the stamp act stop?

The Stamp Act last occurred on March 22, 1765. The Stamp Act was Britain's solution to gathering funds for it's military. Britain felt that the new colonies were benefiting from the military's service, so should pay for it. The Stamp Act was first proposed to the colonies in February of that year, being open to their suggestion to raise money in some other way. When no other solution were agreed upon the Stamp Act was put in effect.

Why was the stamp act of 1765 implemented?

Britain needed the money from the colonists to fight in their own war. They also passed the act because the colonists needed to repay Britain. Britain provided soldiers, supplies, and money.

Why did the currency act anger colonists when it was passed in1764?

the stamp act of 1765 - places tax on all printed materials . And for each printed material , a British officer would stamp them . After this act Samuel Adams helped begin an organization called the Sons Of Liberty . The colonists began to protest even more and even burn effigies which are rag figures representing hated tax collectors. So ... pretty much it all began with the stamp act , though before the stamp act there was also the Sugar act of 1764 but really when rebellion began happening was when the stamp act was enforced.

What month was the Quartering Act passed in?

in March 1765

Why was the stamp act so unpopular among colonists?

Because the stamp act placed taxes on everything the colonists used.

Why is the DREAM Act so controversial?

because that's how this country is!!