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He not only belonged to, but he organized and led the Sons of Liberty in protest of the 1765 passing of the Stamp Act.

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The answer is Committees of Correspondence. Hope I did not answer that to late! :P

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"Sons Of Revolution" also known as "Sons of Liberty" he created this group so various colonies to communicate

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Q: What group did sam Adams belong to?
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What group did Samuel Adams belong to?

Sons of Liberty

What group did John Adams belong to?

colony of Massachusetts

Who was the son's of liberty?

It was actually a group of smugglers whose head was Sam Adams.

Who was Son of Liberty?

It was actually a group of smugglers whose head was Sam Adams.

Did sam Adams have a middle name?

Sam Adams got his nickname by Samual Adams!

What is your reaction to sam Adams?

my reaction to sam Adams is he was wise.

Who owns Sam Adams?

Boston Beer Co. (Sam Adams)

When was Sam Adams Alliance created?

Sam Adams Alliance was created in 2006.

When was Sam Adams Award created?

Sam Adams Award was created in 2002.

What is Sam Adams's birthday?

Sam Adams was born on June 13, 1973.

What street was Sam Adams House on?

Sam Adams resided on Purchase Street in Boston.

When was Sam Adams - politician - born?

Sam Adams - politician - was born on 1963-09-03.