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No. Sam Adams was democratic-republican in the 1790's.

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yes...he was an anti-federalist

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yes he was

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Q: Was Samuel Adams an anti federalist?
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Was an active anti-federalist?

Patrick Henry or Samuel Adams

Who was an active Anti-Federalist?

Patrick Henry or Samuel Adams

Of the following who was an active Anti-Federalist?


Who was the leader of antifederalist?

Thomas Jefferson was the leader of the Anti-Federalists. Alexander Hamilton was the leader of the Federalist party, which was supported by George Washington.

Who was a famous antifederalist?

Anti federalistsGeorge Washington was not an anti Federalist.James Madison was an anti federalist. So as was John Jay.

What presidents were the anti-federalist and federalist?

thomas Jefferson was a anti federalists and john Adams was a federalists

Who are 3 federalist?

Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams and Patrick Henry

Is willam Samuel Johnson an anti-federalist?

No he was not because he was not poor like the antifrederist

Who generally favored the Alien and Sedition Acts?

The anti-federalist generally favored the alien and sedition acts. They were passed during the John Adams administration. Adams was the star of the Federalist party.

What Pseudonym did Samuel Adams use to print anti-british propaganda?

Samuel Adams used the pseudonym "Vindex" to print anti-British propaganda during the American Revolution.

Who were the anti-federalist leaders?

Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, and Thomas Jefferson. The first kids answer is ret*****, Thomas Jefferson was one of the Federalists, and Samuel Adams was impartial... Here are the real ones- James Winthrop, Melancton Smith, Patrick Henry and George Mason.

Who was an active anti federalists?

Patrick Henry or Samuel Adams