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He was a(n) anti federalist.

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was gunning

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Q: Was Gunning Bedford Jr a federalist or a anti federalist?
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When was Gunning Bedford Jr born?

Gunning S. Bedford died in 1870.

What did gunning bedford do for a living?

Gunning Bedford Jr. was a lawyer and politician. He was a delegate to the U.S. Constitutional Convention of 1787.

Who was gunning bedford jr married to?


Why did Gunning Bedford Jr sign the constitution?

he wanted to

What was one of Gunning Bedford Jr's quotes?

what was one of his famous quotes

Who was the third person to sign the US Constitution?

the third person was Gunning Bedford, Jr.

Was john lansing jr a federalist or an anti federalist?


Did Gunning Bedford Jr own any slaves?

he probably didnt because he was against slavory

First five signatures on US Constitution?

George Washington George Read Gunning Bedford Jr. John Dickinson Richard Bassett

What did Gunning bedford jr do after the constitutional convention?

In 1789 President Washington designated him as a federal district judge for Delaware, an office he was to occupy for the rest of his life. His only other ventures into national politics came in 1789 and 1793, as a Federalist presidential elector. For the most part, however, he spent his later years in judicial pursuits, in aiding Wilmington Academy, in fostering abolitionism, and in enjoying his Lombardy Hall Farm. Gunning Bedford, Jr. died at the age of 65 in 1812 and was interred in the First Presbyterian Churchyard in Wilmington. Later, when the cemetery was abandoned, his body was transferred to the Masonic Home on the Lancaster Pike in Christiana Hundereds.

What did Gunning Bedford Jr think about slaves counting in the states population number?

Gunning Bedford Jr. thought that slaves should not count in the state population because he was against the act of slavery. After the Constitutional Convention, he used his position as the Federal District Judge of Delaware to abolish slavery.

What was Gunning Bedford Jr's view on presidential election?

his view was that presidential election should be given on how each state feel about the person just not larger states. Small states should be given the same rights as anybody else.