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Slavery had been ended in other countries without a civil war but by the "stroke of a pen." The United States could have also done so.

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Q: Why was the American Civil War unnecessary?
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What is a sentence with Mexican American war?

The Mexican-American War was not unnecessary.

What might Benjamin Franklin think about the Civil War?

Benjamin Franklin might have thought that Civil war was unnecessary

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When did the American Civil War finish?

the American civil war finished in 1865

Is American civil war capitalized?

Yes, either as US Civil War or American Civil War. The term "civil war" is not capitalized when it refers to an unnamed conflict or potential conflict.

Was the civil war part of the American Revolution?

no, the American Civil War and the American Revolution were to separate wars

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What did Karl Marx call the American Civil War?

Probably the American Civil war

Which was first Civil War or spanish American war?

Civil War

Why were drums used in the American Civil War?

Drums were used in the American Civil war, to show that the war had begun.

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I need a thesis statement of the American Civil War.

American Civil War in South Carolina?

yes the African American civil war regiment

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What important events were in the American Civil War IN the Civil War not triggered the Civil War?

It would depend on which civil war you are referring to.

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Do you mean the Spanish Civil War or the American Civil War?

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The American Civil War.

Vietnam put American in a that was never officialy declared?

The American Civil War (US Civil War) was not a declared war.

What was the official name of the US Civil War?

The American Civil War.

What year was the the Civil War?

American Civil War was in 1861-1865

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the american civil war

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What does the US Civil War and Spanish-American War have in common?

There were Civil War vetrans who also served in the Spanish American War.

Which war was first Civil War American Revolution Mexican American War or War of 1812?

American Revolution

Where was the first American Civil War?

There was only one American civil war, and it occurred in many places in the US.

What year did the American Civil War began and end?

The American Civil War ended on April 9, 1865.