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Do you mean the Spanish Civil War or the American Civil War?

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Q: Name 5 Civil War generals
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How many generals died in the civil war?

About 5 Union General deaths and 9 Confederate General deaths A lot more than 14 generals. Just Google how many generals died in the civil war. Sites give list of names and other info

Who were 5 important generals for the south during the civil war?

Lee , Jackson , Stuart , Longstreet and Hood . Grant, and Meade.

What was Name for the south during the civil war that only has 5 letters?

Dixie ??

What are the release dates for Generals at War - 2009 The Battle of Kursk 1-5?

Generals at War - 2009 The Battle of Kursk 1-5 was released on: USA: 9 March 2009

Who are 5 union and 5 confederate generals during the civil war?

(Union) Grant Sherman Slocum McLellan McDowell (Confederate) Lee Jackson Bragg Joseph E. Johnston Sidney Johnston

What are 5 famous people that died in the civil war?

It depends which civil war you mean

What were 5 of the civil war battles?


Was medicine in the civil war effective?


Who was the general who led confederate us army in civil?

At the time there were several generals who led various parts of the confederate army during the civil war. In the case of battles where multiple generals were on the field, each general would still be in charge of their component part of the army but would take orders from someone who was appointed as the head general. A couple of generals who would be considered to be head generals would be Jackson and Lee. General Lee was the confederate general in charge at the Battle of Gettysburg even though there were another half dozen generals also there. After battles such as this, the Americans started to bring in a system where generals could outrank other generals in the field. This eventually became the basis for the 5 star rankings of generals where only one 5 star general would be posted in the field of battle in order to stop confusion between like starred generals.

What did Abraham Lincoln do after the Civil War?

5 days after the US Civil War ended, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.

What are the 5 steps to the English Civil War?

not shure

What did Abraham Lincoln do after the war?

He was assassinated 5 days after the Civil War ended.

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