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There was no event in The Bible known as the "Feast of John the Baptist." There was a feast at the celebration of King Herod's birthday, in which John the Baptist was beheaded at the request of Salome's mother. (Matthew 14:1-12)
John the Baptist's feast day is June 24.

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Why is it so important that you understand that John the Baptist was the bridge between the Old and the New Testaments?

John the Baptist was a preparation minister. He came to prepare the way for Jesus Christ's ministry.s

Did John the Baptist have any sons if so what were their names?

No. John the Baptist was not married and had no children.

Was John the Baptist a layperson?

John the Baptist was a layperson in that he was not a priest like his father but more important John was a prophet (Luke 7:26) who prepared the way for the coming of the Messiah (Luke 1:17). Both of John's parents Zechariah and Elizabeth were from the priestly line of Aaron so John the Baptist was also a Levite.

Is Jesus and St John the Baptist the same?

Not at all, Jesus is the son for God (if you are Catholic and believe so) where as John the Baptist is one of Jesus' Disciples. John the Baptist baptized Jesus.

What book in the bible did John the Baptist write?

John the Baptist was not one of the writers of the New Testament. The fourth gospel is ascribed to the Apostle John and so is the book of Revelation or Apocalypse. John the apostle however is a different person than John the baptist.

Why is June 24 St John the Baptist's feast day?

Actually, we do not know the date of the birth of John the Baptist nor of the birth date of Jesus. However, the Church chose to celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25. John, according to scripture, was about 6 months older than Jesus so he was given the date of June 24.

Did john the Baptist have a wife?

No the bible does not say so.

Why did Juliss Caesar hate John the Baptist?

Julius Caesar died is 44 BC and was not alive at the time of John the Baptist so he could not have hated him.

When did John the Baptist and Jesus meet the second time?

lol i think i am just typing this so i dont have to finsh my research paper on John The Baptist.

Are we followers of John the Baptist?

If you're asking the question, you probably are not, you should be aware of what you are following. ~ In Christianity John the Baptist is mentioned as he baptised Jesus - so a christian would in basic theory follow John . However, Amongst the 25 Prophets mentioned by God in the Quran, one name is Prophet John . It is assumed that too refers to "John The Baptist". so this is a link

Where is the body of St. John the Baptist now?

There are relics of John the Baptist in a number of churches throughout Europe. The strange thing is that about 5 or 6 churches claim to have the head of John the Baptist. Perhaps one is the head of John as a baby, one as a child, one as a teen and so forth?

Was Jesus baptised and if so by hume?

yes JESUS was baptised by john the baptist

Was Saint John executed?

There are a number of saints named John so you need to be specific. If you are referring to John the Baptist, yes, he was executed.

Why is Saint John the Baptist so special?

Because St. John also known as St. John the baptist was the first person to ever baptize somebody. He baptized Jesus in the Jordan river and many more people.

Did John the Baptist ever go to Rome?

I don't think so soon after he baptized Jesus, John was beheaded.

How old were John the Baptist parents when they died?

The parents were old when John was born, so the age is also not certain.

John the Baptist was a special gift from God so that John could?

John the Baptist was a special gift from God so that John could go with good news to the world and evangelize about Jesus. He also was to go to different cities and baptize people in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

How long did John the Baptist preach before he baptised Jesus?

A full hour or so ...

What is so special about John the Baptist?

He was the Precursor Of the Christ. He was the one who identified Him as the Lamb Of God.

How did John the Baptist live demostrating christian virtues?

John the Baptist was not a Christian, as we typically think of Christians. John lived and died before Christ's death and resurrection, so he had no opportunity to become a Christian, per se. However, John the Baptist clearly lived a life exclusively dedicated to obedience to God, which is obviously a virtue Christians are commanded to exhibit.

Is John the Baptist the same person who wrote the Book of John?

No. The book known as John's Gospel was originally anonymous, so we will never really know who wrote it, but certainly the author was not John the Baptist. Late in the second century, the fourth gospel was attributed to the apostle John.

Why did god choose John the Baptist as a leader?

So that he could prepare people for Christ's Coming.

Why was Saint Elizabeth of John the Baptist so great?

Because she identified Mary as the Mother Of God.

Why is John the Baptist pictured as so much older than Jesus?

he is only 6mos. older

What did John Adams do that is so important?

John Adams is so important because he signed the Declaration of Independence.

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