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Invention of the Kodak CameraThe invention of the Kodak camera is considered a breakthrough as the birth of snapshot Photography. Before this camera there weren't other and better options for portable cameras.
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Q: Why was the Kodak camera invented?
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Who invented Kodak camera?

George Eastman invented a Kodak camera

Who invented the kodiak camera?

George Eastman invented the Kodak camera and the first camera was on the market in 1888. The Kodak company is headquartered in New York and sells products worldwide.

Who invented the worlds first camera?


What company invented the digital camera?


When was the Kodak instamatic camera invented?

in 1963

Who created the first digital camera?

Kodak invented the digital camera.

Who invented Kodak brownie camera?

George eastman

Who invented the Kodak box camera?

George Eastman

When did george Eastman invented the Kodak camera?


Who invented the first digital color camera?


Was the Kodak camera invented by George Kodak George Stephenson or George Eastman?

George Eastman

Was the Kodak camera invented by George Kodak or George Stephenson or George Eastman?

George Eastman.

Was the Kodak camera invented by George Kodak or George stevenson or George Eastman?

george eastman :)

Who invented the first camera in the 1900s?

The first camera was invented long before the 1900s. George Eastman invented the "Kodak" camera, the first camera marketed to the general public, in the 1900s.

Who invented the Coolpix digital camera?

Kodak, on September 2004.

Who invented the first handheld Kodak camera?

George Eastman

Did the wright brothers invent the Kodak camera?

No, the Kokak camera was invented by George Eastman in 1888.

What was the first mass-marketed camera?

Generally agreed to be the Kodak roll film camera, invented by George Eastman who eventually formed Eastman Kodak Company.

Who invented the flash disposable camera?

Ira Westley kodak or.. fugifilms

When was the Kodak Brownie camera invented?

In 1900 by George Eastman who worked for the company called Kodak. It only cost $1!

Who invented the Kodak camera?

George Eastman invented the first film roll in 1884, and the Kodak camera in 1888. The former company name was "Eastman Kodak Company". NOTE: When a company or corporation hires workers, their work product and inventions belong to the company.

Who invented the brownie camera?

George Eastman who worked for Kodak Eastman Co.

Who introduced flexible film and invented the box camera?

Kodak introduced the box camera in the late 1800's

Why is the Kodak camera important?

Kodak camera is important because it was the first camera ever made.

How many things has george eastman invented?

he invented the Kodak camera