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they was flooded at that time and the station communication was down so they had not body to tell what was going wrong .

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Why was the Louisiana National Guard unable to help?

During that time, many were deployed to Iraq at the time, so other states that had available manpower, assisted during that period. There were some members of the Louisiana Guard that were available.

Is the Louisiana National Guard part of the Federal Government?

The Louisiana National Guard is part of the state government. When and if it is federalized, it becomes part of the federal government.

Where is National Guard Camp Minden in Louisiana?

Minden, Louisiana, Webster Parish. 28 miles east of Shreveport (Northwest Louisiana)

Is it true that the National Guard is unable to respond to disaster without the state's governor request?

They governor doesn't request the National Guard - they order the National Guard. The statement is partially true, but still misleading. Typically, a County Sheriff will have the authority to activate National Guard units within their county or parish, or authority to activate the National Guard may sometimes be administered by the head of the state's Justice or Public Safety department, or by the state's Adjutant General, but the National Guard won't respond on their own.

What is the difference between the army national guard and the national guard or is there any?

There are actually two National Guards, but when people say the National Guard they are probably (but not necessarily) talking about the Army National Guard. The other National Guard is the Air National Guard which is to the Air Force what the Army National Guard is to the Army.

Is there a marine national guard?

No. There is only an Army National Guard and an Air National Guard.

How many branches Are in the national guard?

There is the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard.

What president used military power to deploy the National Guard to keep peace in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina?

George W. Bush

How did the US government help in the recovery after Hurricane Katrina?

After Hurricane Katrina, the United States government sent the National Guard to help clean the aftermath. They also set up shelters and grants for those families that lost their house.

Should national guard be drafted?

the national guard is already in Iraq 70% of the soldiers are national guard

Is the national guard and Texas national guard the same?

Yes. Each state has National Guard units.

Does the national guard work with the army national guard?

yes There are actually 2 types of national guards. There is the Air National Guard which is part of the Air Force and the Army National Guard which is part of the Army. Then there is the State Guard which certain states have and work closely with the army national guard.

Why was Louis 16 unable to finish his speech on the scaffold before his execution?

An Officer of the National Guard signaled for a drum roll to begin.

Can a govenor refuse to give control of a state's National Guard to the president?

Yes, the most recent occurrence of this was Hurricane Katrina. President Bush wanted the Governor of Louisiana (Kathleen Blanco) to declare a state of emergency which would activate the State's National Guard. However it was her decision to do so. However, she did within 24 hours of him requesting her to do so. The only exception is if the "situation" involves multiple states which would give the federal government jurisdiction.

Is the army national guard and the Florida national guard the same?

Each state has a military bureau, which is ultimately responsible for that state's respective National Guard units when they're not under federal activation. The National Guard consists of two services - the Army National Guard (ultimately subordinate to the Army), and the Air National Guard (ultimately subordinate to the Air Force). The Army National Guard is composed of the Army National Guard units of all 50 states, plus Puerto Rico. The Florida National Guard is composed of both Army National Guard and Air National Guard units in Florida.

Does the National Guard have submarines?

No the National Guard does not have submarines. The National Guard is primarily a ground fighting organization. The Air National Guard does provide for air support within the US.

Can you be deployed from the national guard of Puerto Rico?

The National Guard and Air National Guard can be (and have been) deployed. The Puerto Rico State Guard cannot.

What do you have to do to join the national guard?

Speak to a National Guard recruiter.

What are the unit listings for Texas National Guard?

Bear in mind that the National Guard comprises both the Army National Guard and Air National Guard. The major subordinate commands of the Texas Army National Guard and Air National Guard are listed in the corresponding Wikipedia articles for each, which you can access by clicking the related links at the bottom.

Are you a veteran if you were in the National Guard from 1971 to 1977?

You are a veteran of the National Guard.

Who is national guard colonel 2012?

The National Guard has SEVERAL Colonels.

Are you a veteran if you in the National Guard from 1980 to 1987?

A National Guard veteran.

When did national guard group start?

There is no such thing as a national guard group.

How does the military affect the national guard?

The National Guard serves as a reserve component of two federal forces - the Army (Army National Guard), and Air Force (Air National Guard). Policies, procedures, etc. adopted by these branches are subsequently adopted by their National Guard components.

Where do i get a National Guard ID?

You would get that from the national guard. If you get a fake National Guard ID that would be a crime. So you need to be a member of the national guard and get it from them. Contact their Public Affairs Office: 208-272-5232