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Why was the Nintendo 64 invented?

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for us to have fun

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Where was the Nintendo 64 invented?

Like most Nintendo products, it was invented in Japan.

When was the Nintendo 64 dd invented?


Who invented or made the Nintendo 64?

Hiroshi Yamauchi invented the nintendo64

Who invented Perfect Dark for the Nintendo 64?

rareware i believe

Is Nintendo 64 backwards compatible?

No, the Nintendo 64 is only compatible with Nintendo 64 Games.

What company made Nintendo 64?

Nintendo made the Nintendo 64.

When did the Nintendo 64 discontinue Nintendo 64?

Do you mean when did Nintendo discontinue the Nintendo 64? If that's what your'e asking than the answer is 2003.

How do you say Nintendo 64 in Spanish?

Nintendo 64

Who created nintendo 64?

Hiroshi Yaumauchi...... he also invented GameCube and Pokemon</zzz>

Why does Nintendo 64 have 64 in it?

The 64 was the graphics of the game console. In other words, the Nintendo 64 had 64 bits.

Do Nintendo 64 games work in a Super Nintendo?

no. the snes or super Nintendo was made before the Nintendo 64. plus, the snes is less powerful then the 64.

Can you play Nintendo 64 on your Nintendo DS?

No. One Nintendo 64 cartridge is about the size of a DS.

Where was Nintendo 64 created?

The Nintendo 64 like all Nintendo consoles were created in Japan.

What is the bit rating in Nintendo 64?

The Nintendo 64 runs on 64 bits hence the name.

Where is the Gameshark for the Nintendo 64?

you can get a gameshark for Nintendo 64 at gamestop for $34.99. :-)

What was the purpose of the Nintendo 64?

The purpose of the Nintendo 64 was as a gaming console.

How do you hook up the Nintendo 64? has a manual for the NINTENDO 64.

What is a project 64?

The project 64 is a Nintendo 64 emulator that lets you play Nintendo 64 games that you download from websites.

What year did the Nintendo 64 sale most?

Nintendo sold the most Nintendo 64 consoles in 1993.

Can a super Nintendo play Nintendo 64 games?

No, the SNES was released years before the Nintendo 64.

Who invented Nintendo's game consoles?

some of the presidents of Nintendo might have made them. well the current president is Satoru Iwata and he invented the Nintendo Wii consoles i don't know who made the rest like gamecube,Nintendo 64,Nintendo ds lite. well all i know is Satoru Iwata invented the Wii.

Who inventend the Nintendo 64?


Will Nintendo 64 play super Nintendo games?

The Nintendo 64 does not play Super Nintendo games as they have different cartridge types.

How old is paper Mario?

Paper Mario was invented in 1996 for the game "Paper Mario" on Nintendo 64.

How many games were made for the Nintendo 64?

There are 387 Games in Nintendo 64.