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Why was the Sun Dance important to the Comanche?


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it was thought to bring the sun to shine on the crops so they will be ready to pick

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They did the sun dance in the summer. That is all I know. I am doing an project on the Kiowa at school so I know a lot more other stuff and I was not in charge of the tradition's! Their you go! The sun dance is a tradition,

The dance allowed the dancers to show determination and bravery

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The question is too general. There were plains tribal groups who historically celebrated the traditional form of the Sun Dance faith; tribal groups who still conduct Sun Dances today; plus, genizaro affairs who engage in what can only be described as a "Pan-Native American"/"Native Pan-American" semblance of the original plains Sun Dance. Historically, most Plains Indian tribes did participate in the Sun Dance. In fact, it is easier to ask which plains tribes did not participate in the Sun Dance--such a list would be shorter.

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