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Q: Why was the U-2 incident of extreme importance in the 1960s?
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What happened at the U2 incident?

Your mom happened!

When wdid the u2 spy plane incident?


Which president denied the U2 incident?

Dwight D Eisenhower

How did khrushchev react after u2 incident?

pounding the podium with his shoe

Who was president durning the U2 Incident?

President Dwight D. Eisenhower

What is the U2?

idk what U2 your referring to but im going to gues its the U2 incident durring the cold war. The U2 was a spy plane piloted by Frances Gary Powers that went down over Soviet Russia.

What was the U2 incident during the Cold War?

The U2 incident was where A united States spy plane was shot down over Russia. The pilot was Gary Powers and he was captured by the Russians, who used this to embarass the US.

Who are U2?

U2 is a pop band

Who is Gary Powers and how was he involved in the U2 incident?

Francis Gary Powers was the pilot of the Lockheed U2 spy plane that was shot down by the former USSR with a surface to air missile (SAM) in 1960. After lengthy negotiations, a prisoner exchange was made returning Powers to the United States. [JMH]

Who was a Francis Gary Powers?

Francis Gary Powers was an American pilot his u-2 spyplane was shot down while over the USSR causing the 1960 U2 incident

Who is the leader of U2?

Theres no leader of U2

What country did the u2 form?

U2 is from Dublin