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Why was the airplane created?

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January 26, 2018 10:55AM

a better use for transpotation
for the same reasons everything else is invented, exploration and to see if it could be accomplished, pushing the bounds of what possible...its what humans are best at.

It really was two brothers who invented it...and it didnt have anything to do with the war! Sure later on the warmongers hijacked the idea and used it for that purpose (like the way physicists hijacked Einstein's theories about relativity to make possible the atomic bomb!)

Just to find a new way for transportation, exploration... i guess...

since greek mythology with the guy that had the wings and jumped off the cliff but the sun melted it and he died? well anyways, mankind has always dreamt of flight....if you dream it, you can achieve it...

so people can go places all across the globe
To prove that air- traver was better that train or sea.

to transport people from one destination to the other.

For many centuries man has desired to fly. The development of the internal combustion engine made powered flight possible.
Airplanes were developed to take advantage of the shortest travel distance between two points, which is a straight line. By eliminating the need to go around surface obstructions (cars and trains), or to sail around the continents, aircraft made it possible to carry people and cargo much more rapidly from place to place. Airplanes also made transportation possible to some areas which were previously extraordinarily difficult to reach, such as Antarctica and tropical jungles.
Have you never felt the desire to fly? Prehistoric man looked at the birds with envy. I cannot imagine life without flying. I fly over 700 hours a year and can't wait to go up again. Higher and faster are also in the mix.
well because to go places far away if you dont have a car or if you have to cross lots of oceans...........................dah
THe first ariplane was invented because of faster transportation and so people can cross oceans.
THe first ariplane was invented because of faster transportation and so people can cross oceans.
plants were invented to eat and they give us air too!
to transport people or objects to different locations

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July 23, 2015 4:07AM

The simplest answer is that men imagined flying. Many inventors worked on ways to lift a human into the air and move forward.