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it was invented by Steve Jobs. The Mac Computer was invented by him.

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Q: Why was the apple Mac computer invented?
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When was the Mac computer invented?

The first Mac invented was the Macintosh 128k on January 24, 1984. However, the first Apple computer that was not a Mac was the Apple I, introduced on April 1, 1976.

When did mac become apple?

Apple never was Mac and is still Apple Computer company. The original computer was called an Apple computer and the company became Apple. Later they made the Macintosh model computer

What kind of desktop computer is Apple Mac Mini?

The desktop computer is a mac just only smaller, The Mac computer mini is just a scaled down version running on the same as an Apple Mac. The features are on the Apple Mac website.

What is Mac bro of apple company?

There is no Mac Bro of Apple Company, but there is a Mac Pro. Mac Pro is the most powerful computer that Apple offers. There are three forms of the computer that include Mac, iMac, and Mac Mini.

When was the first apple mac computer created?

The first Apple Mac computer was made in January 24, 1984.

What are the installation requirements for Mac OS?

The installation requirements for Apple's Mac OS is an Apple Mac computer.

If your computer is running Mac OS its a what computer?

A computer running Mac OS will be an Apple Macintosh computer.

Is there an Apple Mac?

The term Apple Mac is a generic description for any Macintosh computer made by Apple. The actual computer may be a Mac Pro, an iMac, a MacBook, a MacBook Pro, a MacBook Air or a Mac Mini. All of these can be referred to as an Apple Mac or just a Mac.

Why was the Apple MacBook invented?

Consumers wanted a computer which was portable. Making a Mac Laptop will allow the Mac marketshare to rise and meet consumers needs.

How many years where apple computer invented?

The Apple 1 computer was invented in 1976.

How can you save Humax programmes to apple mac?

A Apple Mac is a computer, not like Window's it is differnt.

Who invented the apple II computer?

The Apple Computer company.

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