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In itself, it was not important.

Grant had changed the rules, and declared that he was not interested in occupying territory or capturing famous place-names. He just wanted to destroy enemy forces.

Atlanta was no longer an important military objective. But Sherman had not succeeded in destroying the Army of Tennessee, and this was an election year, when Lincoln could easily be voted-out, with disastrous consequences.

So the capture of Atlanta became politically important - "Atlanta Falls" made a heck of headline, and it helped to restore Northern morale, along wth some conveniently-timed victories at Mobile and in the Shenandoah Valley.

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How long was the Atlanta campaign?

The series of battle that happened in the Western Theater of the American Civil War is called the Atlanta Campaign. It is believe to have lasted four months.

What was the Atlanta campaign?

ac= chain of battles during the civil war in 1864 (the last year of the civil war) P.S. I like porno

What are Civil War campaigns?

The Civil War campaigns were the complex of military operations aiming to reach a strategic objective like: seizing a strategic point or city, destroying or capture an enemy's army. The most important of them were: the Peninsular Campaign; the Vicksburg Campaign; Lee's Maryland Campaign; Lee's Pennsylvania Campaign; the Chattanooga Campaign; the Overland Campaign; the Petersburg Campaign; the Atlanta Campaign; the March to the Sea Campaign; Hood's Tennessee Campaign; the Appomattox Campaign.

What were the two major campaigns fought in Georgia during the civil war?

campaign of Atlanta and savannah.

Who won the civil war Atlanta campaign?

The Union Army under General Sherman won the Atlanta campaign in the Civil War. (That happened after the President of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis, replaced the Southern Commander, General Joseph E. Johnson, with General Hood. Many in the South considered that to be the dumbest decision of the Civil War!)

Why did the battle of Atlanta happen?

The battle of Atlanta was a battle of the Atlanta campaign fought during the American civil war on July 22, 1984. The battle is also known as battle of Decatur.

How many people died in the Atlanta Campaign?

The Atlanta Campaign was a battle during the Civil War. There were 4,423 Union deaths and 3,044 Confederate deaths. There were also a total of 17,425 soldiers from both sides that were missing or captured.

Why was Atlanta important in the civil war?

because it was the end to all major rail lines

What US Civil War battle took place on July 22 1864?

One of the most significant battles of the US Civil War was in July of 1864. This was a Union victory by General Sherman in the battle of Atlanta. Atlanta was an important Southern city, and was thought to be safe from Union attacks. The capture of Atlanta by General Sherman, paved the way for his famous scorched earth policy of his March to the Sea campaign.

Why was the battle of Atlanta important?

During the Civil War, Atlanta served as the center of its military operation. Also, with the state location, it was the route for the Confederate's supplies.

How did the Atlanta campaign lead to the war ending?

The Atlanta campaign led to the war ending because the union marched through several states and destroyed them all and then when they got to Atlanta they destroyed the railroad so no transports could get through

What cities were destroyed during the civil war?

Several important cities were damaged or destroyed during the Civil War. Among these were Richmond, VA, Vicksburg, MS, and Atlanta, GA.

How does Gone With the Wind relate to American history?

Takes place during the Civil War, and Sherman"s Atlanta campaign which laid waste to much of Georgia.

What ten battles made the Civil War?

Based upon common computation, about 10,000 battles, large and small were fought during the Civil War, of which the most important (battles and Campaigns) had been more than ten. They were: First Bull Run; Peninsular Campaign; Seize of New Orleans; Shiloh; Second Bull Run; Antietam; Fredericksburg; Chancellorsville; Gettysburg; Stone's River; The Final Campaign against Vicksburg; Chickamauga; Chattanooga; Atlanta Campaign; Overland Campaign; Siege of Petersburg; March to the Sea Campaign; Appomattox.

Who was credited with the destruction of Atlanta during the Civil War?

Union General William T. Sherman was credited with the destruction of Atlanta during the Civil War.

Last major campaign of the Civil War?


In 1864 which Civil War general captured the city of Atlanta Georgia and then led his army to the Atlantic Coast on a campaign known as the March to the Sea?

William tecumseh sherman

Who are important people in the civil war?

who were important people in the civil war

Waynesboro Pennsylvania and civil war?

Waynesboro, Pennsylvania was part of the Gettysburg Campaign during the American Civil War.

What city did sherman captured in the civil war?


Did Atlanta burn during the Civil war?

what year

How long was the battle of atlanta?

The Battle of Atlanta from the Civil War lasted six weeks.

Civil war-battle of Atlanta?

The Battle of Atlanta, part of the American Civil War, occurred on July 22, 1864. The result of the battle was a victory for the Union.

What did William Tecumseh Sherman accomplish during the Civil War to earn him a place in history?

He led the Union campaign to conquer Atlanta, from there destroying Georgia's countryside in a march to the sea.

Why the Civil War important?

the civil war was impotant to

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