Who won the cilvil war?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Union won the Civil war

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Q: Who won the cilvil war?
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Who won the cilvil war in 1860?

who won the war was linclon

What is cilvil war and Cilvil War?

define cilvil war and Cilvil War

This battle in Pennsylvania in July of 1863 is considered the greatest single battle of the Cilvil War which was won by the Union Army?

Battle of Gettysburg

What was the cilvil war?

war between people of the same country

When did the cilvil war end?

The Civil War ended in 1865.

What he do in cilvil war?

We need more information as who "he"was.

What yer did the cilvil war began?


When did the cilvil war start?

April 12, 1861.

Which president was during the cilvil war?

Abraham Lincoln

Where the cilvil war took place?

in gettysburg, pensilvania

What WA the cause of the Cilvil War in the US?


Was IL north or south in the cilvil war?