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Religion was very important in the middle ages. there was a church in the middle of every village and religion effected all aspects of life.

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Why was the church so powerful in the middle ages?

The main reason that the church was so powerful was because the church was had so much money and land.

How did monasteries become so powerful in the Middle Ages and what were the ramifications of this increased power?

They became so powerful as wealthy people gave money and possessions to the church in hope that they would be sent to heaven .

Christianity in the middle ages time line?

There was one church and one religion in the middle ages and that was Catholic. So, any timeline would be of the Catholic Church.

How did the church get wealthy during the middle ages?

The church got wealthy during the middle ages because people were so afraid of going to hell. People paid their offering to church because the church told them they would go to hell if they didn't.

How did the roman catholic church dominate middle ages?

Back then the church wanted power, and at the time the most powerful thing was knowledge, so they had to find a way to control it. Many people did not know how to read or write except them. Thus dominating the middle ages. Also the church was very adequate when it came to their religion, they had to try to spread it around. And it looks like they succeeded in that.

Why was the pope the most powerful person in the middle ages?

The pope was so powerful because he is and was head of the catholic church. In medieval times, everybody in England was Christian or beheaded. everybody had to give 10% of what they produced to the church too. He was given some of that. The church also sold "pardons" and the profits... guess... went to the pope.

What was the largest and most powerful organization of the middle ages?

The church was one of the most powerful organizations throughout the Middle Ages. It played a very significant role in the feudal system (which was the order of class structure used in this time). Churches were being built across the country and, not only were they a way to express your religious beliefs, but they were also a social obligation. The Pope was a very powerful figurehead in that time and people believed that he was God's representation on earth. No one dared to go against God and, therefore, the Pope so this is why the church held great power over the lives of the people in the Middle Ages.

In the middle ages what was the christian rite?

The Catholic church was the only church so any religious celebrations or services were Catholic.

Why was church so hard during the middle age?

I am not sure the Church was "hard" during the Middle Ages. The Church spent a lot of energy providing for the sick and poor, giving people refuge, representing the needs of the poor to the kings, and protecting people. There is a link below to a related question, "What was the role of the Church in the Middle Ages?"

Who opposed warfare during the middle ages?

There were times in the Middle Ages that popes tried to stop wars. The Church also tried to regulate wars so as to make them more humane.

Why is the Catholic Roman Church was so powerful in Europe during the dark ages?

Historians consider the term "dark ages" misleading and inaccurate, and the term is generally used by those who wish to convey an anti-clerical view. The church was powerful in the early part of the middle ages for a number of reasons. It would be centuries before governments accepted a role as providers of education or shelter. The Catholic church filled those roles, built schools and hospitals, introduced the first universities, and provided financial support for science.

Why was the church important in the Middle Ages?

Because people who went against the teachings of the Church were then sent to hell and this made people affraid of the church which made it so important

How did the catholic church maintain its power during the middle ages?

created superstitions for to the people to scare them so they would come to church because they were scared

Why was heresy against the church such a serious crime in the middle ages?

The church was the main power in Europe during the middle ages so anything that might contradict them risked them losing their immense power, also the people were very superstitious and seriously believed it to be a major crime.

Why was the church so important for farmers in the middle ages?

because a farmer needed someone to talk to too forgive his sins

How powerful was Christianity during the Middle Ages?

The Christians in the middle ages became so very, very powerful that now it's their turn to persecute others of different faiths. See related link "Crusades" and "Inquisitions" One major problem in the middle ages that the process which began with Constantine, in which Church and state were joined reached its height. The Roman Catholic church sought and obtained temporal power and sought to and did depose Kings (on threat of excommunication). Both the Crusades and the Inquisition are examples of temporal power being wielded under the name of Christ. The state became the instrument through which the Catholic church carried out its policy of eliminating rivals, by handing them over to the temporal authority for capital punishment.

Why is the yeoman the middle ages so sun-tanned?

Why is the yeoman in the middle ages so sun tanned

Reforms of the Catholic church in the middle ages?

There are many reforms of the catholic church in the middle ages. Just a few are canon law (the laws made by the pope), the practice of simony (paying the pope or a bishop to become a priest) and the marriage of the clergy. Most of these reforms were used so the Church and the pope could gain power. Pope Gregory VII outlawed marriage of the clergy. Some say he did this so the offspring of married priests would not inherit the land that the Church owned. I'm sure there are many more reforms of the middle ages you can look into.

How did the Roman Catholic Church influence the Religious aspects of life in the Middle Ages?

It was the religion and the only religion, so it controlled all.

How was the church involved in the political and economic life of the middle ages?

Because you touch yourself at night, so they made a highway to hell for you..

Why did the church try to stop jousting in middle ages?

They did so because jousting was extremely dangerous, and resulted in the deaths of many knights.

What hope was given to Europe in the middle ages from the church?

The Church told people that to reach eternal salvation or heaven, they had to stay with the Church and recieve the seven sacraments. So, they were given hope of getting into heaven.

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