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The dunkleosteus lives in the warmer climates and was Thoth to swim in the shallow

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or eaten by larger animals.

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dunkleosteus went extinct in late and end of devonian mass extinction in 380 million years ago and amphibians take over the world in the carboniferous period

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Q: Why was the dunkleosteus extinct?
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What ancient extinct fish had a bite pressure of 80000 psi?


What is the dunkleosteus?

A dunkleosteous is a fish that lived in the water. during the devonian period They could be atleast 50 ft. long and could open their mouths 50 times in one second.

Who would win the fight dunkleosteus or megalodon?

Tough One. I Would Chose Either But I Would Have To Go With Megalodon Because It Is Much Larger Than The Dunkleosteus. Despite The Dunkleosteus Having Tough Armor, Megalodon Could Have Bitten Through Dunkleosteus Easily. And Megalodon Also Had Much More Bigger Speed So It Could Catch Up With The Dunkleosteus Easily. NOTE: THEY DID NOT MEET! Megalodon First Appeared Around In The Miocene Era But Dunkleosteus First Appeared Around At The Devion Era.

Where was dunkleosteus discovered?

Dunkleosteus fossils have been discovered in various locations around the world, including North America, Europe, and Morocco. Some notable sites where Dunkleosteus fossils have been found include Ohio in the United States, Alberta in Canada, and Morocco in North Africa.

Does the Dunkleosteus live today?

no, it lived long ago

Who would win basilosaurus or dunkleosteus?

probably whale would win

What was the largest placoderm?

The largest placoderm,or armored fish, is Dunkleosteus terelli

What killed the dunkleosteus?

lack of food and too much shallow water

How would win megalodon or dunkleosteus?

Megalodon, they were larger,heavier, and stronger bite force.

What kind of fish lived in the Devonian period?

Pander's Fish (Panderichthys) EusthenopteronObruchevichthys Elpistostege Ceratodus Dunkleosteus

What type of water did the dunkleosteus live in salt or fresh?

it lived in salt because it ate sharks and other fish

What was hazardous or dangerous during the Devonian period?

Being in the vicinity of a Dunkleosteus, a large armored fish that liked to eat.