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they were bad people

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Q: Why was the french government bankrupt?
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What is the French Revoultion?

A spontaneous reaction to a bankrupt, inept and unresponsive government that could not provide bread or hope.

Who was bankrupt during the french revolution?

France was bankrupt. King Louis and his wife spent it all.

Is the New South Wales government bankrupt?


Can you bankrupt on a government student loan?

These are not allowed to be discharged.

What happens to the government if a company goes bankrupt?


When did Radioshack go bankrupt?

The company was "essentially bankrupt" in the 1960's, but has never officially filed for bankruptcy with the United States Government.

How do you say broke in french?

broken casse bankrupt en faillite

In 1804 how did the spanish government almost go bankrupt?

The wars almost bankrupt Spain because it had massive war debts

What did the French do after the French and idian war?

they went bankrupt, helped America's revolution, and started their own.

In concrete terms what would happen to Iceland if the Icelandic government goes bankrupt?

Governments can't go bankrupt. They just have to work their way out of their dept.

Can the government go bankrupt?

no because tax and it can lend money from other countries

Why are people buying bonds when the government is buying bankrupt companies Isn't this just as stupid?

the government won't let the company bankrupt, which means the company will raise up again. and people who are buying the bonds of that company will profit