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They were known as the directory.

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Q: What was the french government in 1795?
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What During the french revolution new government was formed in 1795 called?

In 1795 the "Directoire Executif" was set up, consisting of five Directors who held executive power.

When was directory established in 1795?

The Directory of the French Revolution was established in 1795 and then overthrown by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1799.

The five executives of the french government from october 1795 to November 1799?

Its Directory (or Directoire) era.

What are some attributes of the Directory established in 1795?

Here are some attributes of the French Government called the Directory established in 1795:supposed to have a weak central governmentoverthrown by Napoleon Bonapartecomposed of a two-house legislaturewas unpopular with the peoplethe government was inconsistent and sometimes cruel and repressive

When was French Directory created?

French Directory was created in 1795.

When did French livre end?

French livre ended in 1795.

When was Moses French Colby born?

Moses French Colby was born in 1795.

Who did french fight a war with in 1795-6?


When was the French Revoloution?

It started in 1789 and roughly ended in 1795

When was French occupation of Santo Domingo created?

French occupation of Santo Domingo was created in 1795.

When did French ship Auguste end?

French ship Auguste ended on 1795-01-29.

What was the new government in 1795 called?

dont know so