Why was the holocaust unfair?


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because for no reason, and with out warning, millions and millions of defenseless Jewish people were murdered.

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well i just finished studying the holocaust I'd describe it as a time of sorrow it was unfair for the Jews.

People who thought it was unfair to kill Jews just because they were Jews.

Some laws were completely unfair. One law was that all Jewish people must leave their doors open incase they were drinking young christian children's blood. This was completely ridicules because it is against their religion to drink blood. It is also unfair because it invaded their own right to privacy.

Iranians don't say that Holocaust didn't happen, their government says that. What's more even the rulers of Iran aren't consistent in their denial of the Holocaust. In offguard moments some of their rulers say it did in fact happen, but that it is unfair that Muslims have paid the price for the Europeans' (and Americans') bad conscience about the Jews.

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I don't belive in Anne frank but the haulocost has made us make this huge meuseum about it and we yet we don't have a meuseum like that the discrimination of black people it's unfair

there is no 'jews holocaust' look for the dates of the Holocaust

Welcome to the world’s first virtual memory store for the Holocaust . https://1945thestory.com/pages/holocaust

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It was unfair because they had no evidence that they were guilty.

there unfair because they had crael punishedments

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He approved of the Holocaust and was the one who made the Holocaust happen.

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To remember the Holocaust.

no, but it was on the road to the Holocaust.

The Holocaust is a concept not a person.

Holocaust was not a person

Generally they would have been saved during the Holocaust, assuming that you are asking when Holocaust victims were saved from the Holocaust.

There was a multitude of events that combined to make the Holocaust possible. Efforts after the Second World War were made not to enforce an unfair treaty on Germany (like the treaty of Versailles after WWI), so as not to create the social, economic and political climate that allowed Hitler and the Nazis to gain power.

The Holocaust was horrific ... Google "Holocaust Pictures" and see for your self.

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