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Q: Why was the one child policy introduced in china?
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Who introduced the one child policy to china?

the person who introduced the one child policy is the government of china

Who introduced the one child policy in china?

The one child policy in China was introduced by the Communist Party in China. The Chinese government enforces the policy to this day although it was meant to be a temporary policy.

When was the one-child policy introduced?

The Chinese government introduced the one child policy in 1979 to alleviate social and environmental problems in China.

When was china's one child policy introduced?

Chinas one child policy came into affect in the year 1979.

Who introduced the one child policy?

The government introduced the one child policy

When was there a cap on how many children can be born into one family in China?

"one-child" policy was introduced in China in 1979

When and why was the Chinese one child policy introduced?

China's one child policy was established by Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping in 1979 to limit communist China's population growth

What was China's birth rate in 1979?

2.9 before the one child policy was introduced

How long has China had the one-child policy?

China has had the one child policy since 1979.

Was China's one child policy fair?

yes china's one child policy is fair

What opinions are made by China one child policy?

What do you think about China one child policy

What are the positive effects of China's one child policy?

is the china one child policy positive? is the china one child policy positive? it has posative did slowly stableise china's populaton

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