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It was necessary because it made jobs quicker and people earned a lot more money . They made more money because the machine made more items and they could then sell these items quickly to make money. If it isn't right don't blame me blame the teachers

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Q: Why was the power loom necessary?
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Who did the power loom help?

The power loom helped the Americans and the econmoy

When did Power-loom riots happen?

Power-loom riots happened in 1826.

What is the difference between auto loom and power loom?

Power loom is a type of loom which is operated by power and the other side auto loom has so many automatic function,sensor and thus output of auto looms are more finer than Power loom.We can get less weaving defect in auto loom fabric.

Who was English inventor of power loom?

Edmund Cartwright invented a power loom in 1785.

How did the power loom help the industrial revolution?

The power loom was a steam-powered, mechanically-operated version of a regular loom. A loom is a device that combined threads to make cloth.When the power loom became efficient, women replaced most men as weavers in the textile factories.

What did the power loom lead to?

The power loom led to other inventions such as the spinning jenny and the spinning mule.

Who invented the power loom that could create complex pattern?

The Power Loom was invented by Edmund Cartwright.

How will the power loom benefit the customer?

The weaving and spinning of the power loom eliminated the need for home labor.

What replaced the hand-operated loom in Industrial Revolution?

power loom

Who started the power loom?

i did

Where was the power loom invented?

You can go to this site to find the answer.

What is difference between power loom fabric and auto loom fabric?

there is no difference actually. A cotton mill has many power looms. A power loom is a machine that weaves clothes and 15 to 20 power looms are present in a mill. In small scale mills, only 2-3 power looms or 12-13 hand looms (machine that weaves clothes by hand) are present. hand made cotton is of better quality but production is low.