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kasi black sea kaya sya tinawag na black sea

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Q: Why was the sea called Black Sea?
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What sea is surrounded by Russia Turkey Romania Ukraine Georgia and Bulgaria?

The Black Sea.

Why an island sea is called Black Sea?

i have no clue

Is there a sea called the Black Sea?

The Black Sea is located north of Turkey, attached to the northeast corner of the Mediterranean Sea by the Dardanelles.

Is Bulgaria east or west of Italy?

The Black SeaThe eastern side of Bulgaria is on the Black Sea coast.Black Sea

What is the plateau of the Black Sea called?

The plateau bounded by the Black Sea is the Anatolian Plateau.

What body of water forms the border of Ukraine Romania and Bulgaria?

The Black SeaBlack sea

Does the Black Sea separate Greece from Turkey?

No, it does not. The sea between Turkey and Greece is called the Aegean Sea.

What is the sea by Ukraine Russia and Turkey?

The Sea of Azov, and the Black Sea. RUSSIAN Азовское Mоре-Azovskoyeh Morye- Sea of Azov Черное Mоре-Chyernoye Morye- Black Sea TURKISH Azak denizi -Sea of AzovKara deniz -Black Sea

What the Danube River flows into this body of water?

The Danube River empties into the Black Sea.

How many seas around turkey?

There's 3 seas around Turkey : Mediterranean Sea,Black Sea and Aegean Sea. There is also one inland sea called Sea of Marmara which has connections with Aegean and Black Sea.

What three seas border Turkey?

The Mediterranean Sea The Black Sea The Aegean Sea The Sea of Marmara

What sea is north turkey?

The Black Sea borders Turkey in the North.