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Q: Why was the slavery compromise necessary?
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What kind compromise was necessary for the Constitution to be accepted?

The main compromise in the original US Constitution was about slavery, which was permitted in some states and prohibited in others.

Which statement is trueThe Missouri Compromise postponed the issue of slavery?

The Missouri Compromise postponed the issue of slavery.

What made Missouri Compromise necessary?

Conflict between slave owners and people who wanted to end slavery to end. (apex)

Did the Missouri compromise end slavery in the nation's capital?

yes the compromise ended slavery in the capitol

In addition to the Three-Fifths Compromise what other compromise was reached at the convention regarding slavery?

The Connecticut Compromise was reached at the convention regarding slavery

What was the compromise that determined the future of slavery in the new states after 1820?

The Missouri Compromise - No slavery North of the parallel 36.30

How did the constutional convention reach a compromise on the issue of slavery?

They passed the Three-Fifths Compromise and another compromise that stated that slavery would not be abolished until 1808.

Where did the compromise of 1850 abolish slavery?

It abolished slavery in Texas.

What was Franklin Pierce's position on mutual concession?

He believed that compromise was sometimes necessary in a republic. He was willing to look for mutual concessions in the conflicts over slavery.

What proposed protecting slavery by restoring the Missouri compromise?

crittenden compromise

What compromise prohibited slavery from spreading north?

3-5s compromise

What did the Compromise of 1820 accomplish?

The Compromise of 1820 was between the pro-slavery and anti-slavery factions in the United States Congress. It prohibited slavery in the former Louisiana Territory.