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because it started the American revolution. that's why.

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Q: Why was the stamp act important to the revolution?
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The mobilization of non important policies against the stamp act was politically important because?

The mobilization of non important policies against the stamp act was politically important because it caused a revolution among ordinary citizens. There so many violent demonstrations against this Act.

What were the results of the stamp act?

The American Revolution.

What were the results of the Stamp Act happening?

The American Revolution.

How are the stamp act and the sugar act connected to the quartering act and the proclamation of 1763?

American Revolution

What was the first act on the Road to Revolution that really drew Samuel Adams's attention?

the stamp act

Important people of the Stamp Act?

Some famous people in that protested the Stamp Act were: Samuel Adams - He helped start the Sons of Liberty Patrick Henry - He spoke out about the Stamp Act to the Virginia House of Burgesses

Was the stamp act an action or reaction to the revolutionary war?

Neither. The Stamp Act preceded the Revolution and was one of the "long tain of abuses" cited in the Declaration of Independence.

What was the role of the of the stamp act in the war?

The Stamp Act was a tax Britain put on the Colonists' items such as newspapers. It was known as the "last straw" for the Colonists before the revolution.

What did Great Britain create in 1765 that put you on The Road to the Revolution?

The Stamp Act!!

When was the stamp act enacted?

There were a number of stamp acts, but the one that was particularly significant to the history of the American Revolution was enacted in 1765.

Was the stamp act of 1765 a revolution?

The stamp act in the revolutionary war taxed newspapers, almanacs, playing cards, dice, etc.. After paying this tax, colonists received a stamp proving they have paid the tax.

Who are responsible for American Revolution?

The british are because they started the war with the Boston massacre,the stamp act ,and the tea act