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The Stamp Act came before the Quartering Act.

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The Stamp Act, I think that's really or possibly right though.........

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off the top of my head i think the quartering act was first then repeled then the stamp act and finaly the stamp act.........i think

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The Stamp Act came before the Declaratory act.

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Q: Which came first the Declaratory act or the Stamp Act?
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What came first the stamp act declaratory act or the quartering act?

the quartering act

What act was passed after the stamp act?

declaratory act

What was repealed the day the declaratory act was passed?

The Stamp Act

What act was passed by Parliament along with repeal of the Stamp Act?

The Declaratory Act

What came first the stamp act or the Revolutionary War?

The Stamp Act.

Repeal of Stamp Act and passage of Declaratory Act?

Parliament agreed to repel the Stamp Act on one condition, the colonists had to agree to the Declaratory Act being passed, which gave Parliament full power and authority to make and pass laws. The colonists happily accepted, glad to be free of the Stamp Act and many ignored the Declaratory Act, despite their agreement.

What was done on the same day that the parliament repealed the stamp act?

Declaratory Act

Why did the colonists ignore the declaratory act?

because the colonists were too excitied at the repeal of the stamp act that they didnt pay attention the the implementation of declaratory act

As it repealed the stamp act the british parliament asserted its right to tax the colonies with what act?

Declaratory Act 1766

What is the year of repeal of stamp act?

On March 18, 1766, the Parliament of Great Britain repealed the Stamp Act and passed the Declaratory Act.

What did the sugar act stamp act declaratory act Tea Act townshend act and coercive acts do?

stop tax

What is the decalarty act of 1766?

The declaratory act of 1766 is an act Britain used to replace the stamp act the declaratory act is to- proclaim the right of Britain to pass laws regulating the colonies(including trade)