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The statue of Zeus was built to praise Zeus and show his glory and power to the people who visited

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why was the statue of zeus at olympia is so important

The statue of Zeus was built in Olympia.

Phidias built the statue of Zeus at Olympia 432 BC.

The statue of Zeus was built in honor to Zeus, and to show his glory to visitors.

the statue of Zues was built at the temple of Zues,Olympia,Greece

The statue of Zeus was built so that the people in Olympia Greece can worship him for all that he has done.

Zeus was a god of Greece. He was known as one of the Greek gods of Olympia. The statue was built for him for his honor. Answered by a 12 year old.

The statue of Zeus was built in 435 BCE. It was designed and created by Phidias and is located in Olympia, Greece.

Sadly Fidias' Zeus statue was destroyed many centuries ago. It was in the Zeus temple at Olympia, of course.

The statue of Zeus was in Olympia, Greece. It was destroyed by fire.

Phidias made the Zeus statue at Olympia.

The Statue of Zeus WAS at Olympia in the Temple of Zeus, Olympia, Greece.It was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

It represented the god, built by the city-state of Elis as their patron.

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There was always a cult statue in a temple. So in the Zeus temple there should be a Zeus statue.

The Statue of Zeus at Olympia is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

I think the older wonder of the world is the statue of Zeus in Olympia.

The statue of Zeus still stands in Olympia, Greece.

There have been hundreds of Zeustatues. Perhaps you mean the most famous one: in the Zeus temple at olympia. That is where it was created.

There are several temples of Zeus; the most famous one in Olympia, which housed the Statue of Zeus that became a Wonder of the Ancient World, was built in the 460s to 450s B.C.

It was erected in the Temple of Zeus at the sanctuary of Olympia, Greece. It no longer exists.

Any statue of Zeus was built to honor him.

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