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The steel plow was faster and easier to use and keep up

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Q: Why was the steel plow important in the development of the West?
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When was the steel tipped plow invented?

John Deere invented the steel plow in 1837 when the Middle-West was being settled.

How did the steel plow help the people?

The steel plow made farm work easier. John Deere invented it when people began moving West and the soil there was very hard for a wooden plow.

Who invented the steel plow when was the steel plow invented?

John deere invented the steel plow in 1837

What is the difference between an iron plow and a steel plow?

Type your answer here... Steel plow is tempered and Iron Plow is pour / casted.

Why is john deere important to American history?

because he invented the steel plow

When was the first steel plow created?

John Deere created to steel plow

What factor helped the farming industry to develop in the west?

the invention of a steel-tipped plow and a reaper

What did the steel plow replace?

Overall the steel plow replaced the wooden plow, steel being alot stronger material than wood but it was unable to be shaped into a plow bottom until the 1800s.

Why was the steel plow important on the great plains?

The steel plow helped break up the tough sod that laid on the surface of the ground, so farmers could get to the fertile soil underneath.

Why was the invention of the steel plow important?

The steel plow was an important invention because it made farmer's lives easier because before John Deere invented it, there was only the iron plow. When farmers plowed the ground, the soil stuck to the iron making farmers have to clean it regularly. The steel plow cleaned itself and relieved the farmer's burdens. It also brought more people too the south.

When did john deere invent the cast steel plow?

He did not invent the cast steel plow but he invented the polished steel plow. He saw the need for a better plow in the Midwest and used a discarded sawmill blade to create a polished plow to help cut and flip(Plow)the soil of the Midwest.

How did steel plow help the great plains?

The steel plow helps the great plains in many ways. The steel plow made farmer life easier with planting crops.

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