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The United States and Russia were engaged in a Cold War rivalry during the mid-20th century. Competition for space exploration, including reaching the moon, was seen as a symbol of technological and ideological superiority. The US wanted to be the first to demonstrate its capabilities and dominance in space, which led to the race to the moon.

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It really had nothing to do with the moon or exploration at the very heart. At the time the US and the USSR were embroiled in the cold war,with each side trying to prove that their technology and missiles were superior. The result of this "competition" eventually became a race to the moon. So as a direct answer, they were racing in order to prove which side had the best technology/military.

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Q: Why was the us racing russia to the the moon?
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Why the heck was the US racing Russia to the moon?

Russia and US wanted to show who is better in technologies and the best way was to reach the moon.

Why did the us want to go to the moon first?

because they were racing with Russia , who could get to the moon first.

What country was Niel Armstrong racing to get to the moon?


Which country where we racing with to put someone on the moon when?

Russia vs America 1960

Why was the US was racing Russia to the moon?

Politics, mainly. The US and the USSR each wanted to prove they had superior technology, which could in turn be taken to mean they had the more powerful military.

When did russia send there spacecraft to the moon?

after the US

Who were the first to land on the moon the Russia or US?

Russia was the first country to land an unmanned spacecraft on the moon. The United States provided the first man on the moon.

Why was the US racing Russia to the moon?

It was a matter of national prestige and ideology. However there were several benefits from the 'competition'. Such as in new manufacturing and materials. Overall of far more economic importance than the actual landings.

What is the duration of Racing with the Moon?

The duration of Racing with the Moon is 1.8 hours.

Has Russia been to the moon?

No. So far the US is the only country to set foot on the moon.

When was Racing with the Moon created?

Racing with the Moon was created on 1984-03-23.

Did russia landon the moon before the US?

The US is the only nation to have set foot on the moon, all conspiracy theories aside.