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because no party had an overall majority

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Who won the election 2010?

no one... it was a hung Parliament although the Tories did get 250 seats.

When was the last time the outcome of general election resulted in a hung parliament?

Prior to the 2010 general election, a general election had not caused a hung Parliament since February 1974, when Labour narrowly failed to win an overall majority at the polls.

Who has won the British election 2010?

it was a hung election

What is the meaning of a 'Hung Parliament'?

A Hung Parliament is a situation in which after a General Election, no political party has enough seats in the respective Parliament to form a majority (therefore have more than half of the total seats in the Parliament). Coalition governments are often formed as a result of a Hung Parliament.

What is it called when the winner of a primary election fails to win an absolute majority of the votes cast?

hung parliament

What is a hangparliament?

A hung parliament is one in which no party has an overall majority. The UK parliament will have 650 seats. If no party gains 326 seats or more in today's General Election, there will be a hung parliament. If there is a hung parliament the two largest parties (Labour and Conservative) will be trying to form pacts with any of the smaller parties in order to gain an effective majority.

What improvements did Australian states gain during the 2010 hung Parliament?

None so far, just a lot of politicians talking' .

When are election held in the UK?

Elections in the UK are usually held every five or so years for Parliament. The previous election was held in 2010, and the next one will presumably be in 2015.

Who is the Prime Minister of Great Britain?

David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party, who has been in office since 11 May 2010 after the 2010 United Kingdom General Election, is the UK's current prime minister. He became prime minister after forming a coalition with the Liberal Democrats Party, following a hung parliament in the election. The deputy prime minister of the United Kingdom is Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats Party. He assumed office on 11 May 2010, after the 2010 general election. he became deputy prime minister following the Liberal Democrats forming a coalition with the Conservatives.

How does the prime minister of Great Britain get elected?

Prime Ministers do not stand for election in their own right. Every 5 years in the United Kingdom the Sovereign dissolves Parliament and a General Election is called. The Sovereign has the prerogative to ask any elected politician to be her Prime Minister. Normally this would be the leader of the political party with an overall majority in Parliament on the basis that he or she would have the confidence of Parliament. She could, in theory, select someone else. As a result of a Hung Parliament after the 2010 elections Gordon Brown resigned and recommended to Queen Elizabeth II that David Cameron be appointed Prime Minister.

Is there a Barangay Election on 2010?

Is there a barangay election in 2010?

When are the General Elections in the UK in 2010?

The UK general election of 2010 will be held on 6 May in 649 out of 650 UK constituencies to elect Members of Parliament (MPs). GA total of 650 seats will be contested, up from 646 in the previous election in 2005. The election was called on 6 April, and Parliament was dissolved on 12 April for the ensuing campaign. Voting will take place between 7.00 am and 10.00 pm.

How are members of parliament chosen in Australia?

Members of parliament in Australia are chosen by election.

Who do you vote for in a federal election?

Member of Parliament

How are members of parliament chosen in England?

By an election.

What is a hung parliment?

A hung Parliament is where one party IE Conservatives have lets say 250 seats. labour has 200 and Lib Dem's have 60. the Conservatives cannot win on the majority as labours and Lib Dem's seats are more than the Conservatives. That is a hung Parliament.

How many women are in the English parliament?

Before the May 2010 election there were 126 women MPs at Westminster, 128 were elected originally but two died in the meantime. Please use the 1st link below for information. Initial results (researched on the 8 May 2010) show a very small rise expected (2%) at the May 2010 election. Please use the 2nd link below for information. Since there is no English Parliament this answer is completely wrong. It refers to the British Parliament full of british MPs

What is the equality act?

The Equality Act 2010 is an Act Of Parliament Of The United Kingdom And Fulfils a manifesto commitment of the labour Party in 2005 General election.

What actors and actresses appeared in Hung Parliament - 2010?

The cast of Hung Parliament - 2010 includes: Matthew Amroliwala as himself David Dimbleby as Himself - Presenter Harriet Harman as herself Robert Hazell as Himself - University College London Laura Kuenssberg as Herself - Political Correspondent James Landale as Himself - Deputy Political Editor Robert Peston as Himself - Business Editor Malcolm Rifkind as himself

Which two countries had a hung parliament?

A hung parliament is when no single party wins an overall majority and in order to form a government a coalition is formed. Lots of countries have had that situation. Ireland and the United Kingdom are two examples.

In 1967 Kamaraj defeated in parliament or assembly election?

He was defeated in Assembly election at Virudhunagar in 1967,

Who do canadians vote for in a federal election?

Members of Parliament

When is next parliament election in India?

pongada vennaikala...

When was the last hung parliament in Britain?

1974 was the last one before was this one

What is the hanging Parliament?

A hung parliament is one where, after voting, neither party has the majority of power (or seats). To put it simply, it's a draw.