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Assuming you are asking about the 2008 Senate election, a recount took place because the margin of victory for Norm Coleman was too low and under state law, triggered a recount. Al Franken (DFL) ended up winning the election when Norm Coleman conceded on June 30, 2009.

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What is a sentence with recount?

I demand a recount! Could you please recount your activities of today.

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it is a recount der!

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I would like to recount the votes.

Does a recount is past tense?

When paired with the indefinite article a, recount is a noun. Example: I demand a recount.Recount, as a verb, is not past tense. It is present tense. The past tense is recounted.

How do you use the word recount in a sentence?

The incumbent is demanding a recount.

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i always recount when ihave a shag

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From this day forward, I shall recount no more.

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No. A recount may, however, be part of a review.

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What is recount that's a noun or pronoun?

The word 'recount' is a noun and a verb.The noun 'recount' is a word for an occasion when something is counted again, especially the votes in an election. Example:The committee has called for a recount.The verb 'recount' is to count again; to give an account of an event or experience. Example: The witness will recount what he saw occur at the convenience store.A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun in a sentence. The pronoun that takes the place of the noun 'recount' is 'it'. Example:The vote recount will be held on Monday. It will be observed by a representative of each party.

What is recount of votes?

In Kansas a person can ask for a recount of votes in a certain election. In a countywide election, the person asking for a recount puts up what amounts to the cost of the recount in cash or bond to get the election office to hold the recount. All ballots in that race are recounted. That may mean all ballots are run through the electronic election ballot counting machine, or counted by hand. If the recount has unchanged results the person who ordered the recount looses the bond. If the recount shows a change in count of the particular race, the county stands the cost and the results are changed by the canvassing board (county commission).

What is a recount poem?

A recount poem is a poem which is recounted.Recount means that it's a story of what happened.So in other words you can say a Poem To Say What Happened. Simple!

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Contoh Teks Recount (Recount Text Sample) - Untuk membuat Contoh Teks Recount (Recount Text Sample) sebenarnya mudah. Seperti Yang sudah penulis jelaskan pada artikel sebelemunya yang membahasa Teks Recount (Recount Text) bahwasanya Recount Text adalah kejadian, peristiwa atau penomena yang terjadi di masa lampu sepertihalnya Narrative Text tapi tanpa adanya konflik di dalamnya.Tetapi apa salahnya jika penulis menampilkan beberapa artikel mengenai Contoh Teks Recount (Recount Text Sample) untuk memperjelas pemahaman anda dalam memahami apa itu teks recount.Setelah menyimak, melihat, memahami apa yang dinamakan Teks Recount, kini penulis hadirkan beberapa contoh teks discussion untuk memperkuat pemahaman anda. Baca dan analisis Contoh Teks Recount berikut ini. Semoga bermafaat.

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No, But its similar.

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