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The Nazis very quickly set up networks of informers. Records of executions, for example, show there was considerably more opposition than was formerly thought. However, it was largely a matter of individuals and sometimes couples. What was extremely hard because of the police state was organized opposition on a larger scale. Propaganda! The terror apparatus, torture, the Gestapo.

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Q: Why was there so little opposition to Nazi rule in Germany?
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Who rule over Nazi germany?


Was Germany successful under Nazi rule?

Germany was almost completely destroyed under Nazi rule due to a war that was started by Adollf Hitler.

Did Hitler rule Germany alone?

Hitler ruled nazi party which lead him to the though that he could rule Germany

What was hitlers imperial ambition during the nazi rule?

Germany to rule for a thousand years.

How did Berlin come under Nazi rule?

As the capital of Germany, Berlin came under Nazi rule when Hitler, the Fuerher of the Nazi party, became president of Germany. This occurred after the death of the previous president in 1934, after Hitler had paved the way for a Nazi takeover.

What countries were under the Nazi rule?

GERMANY and the soviet union

What were some results from Nazi rule in Germany?

the holocaust and world war II

When and how did Brussels Belgium come under Nazi rule?

1940 Germany invaded.

When and how did Berlin come under Nazi rule?

Berlin came under the Nazi rule after the first World War. This was as a result of Germany being in ruins and the fact that it was blamed for the war.

What does Nazi Control mean?

Refers to Hitler's rule in Germany, under this rule the country was transformed into a totalitarian state where the Nazi party controlled nearly all aspects of life

What type of government did Germany become under the rule of Hitler and the Nazi Party?

A dictatorship

Where did the Nazis get the Jews from?

From all areas under Nazi rule - in other words, from Germany and all areas occupied by Germany.

What was Warsaw Poland like under nazi rule 1931?

The nazi regime in Germany began in 1933 and the World War II (by German attack on Poland) began in 1939, so it was impossible Warsaw was under nazi rule in 1931. Warsaw was under nazi rule from September 1939 to January 1945.

What rules did Hitler set?

kill the jews!!! --- The #1 rule in Nazi Germany was: Follow the leader.

How were the schools in Germany cleansed and purified under Nazi rule?

well they killed all the jews...

How many Jews fled Germany to escape Nazi rule and the Holocaust?

the amount of Jews that left Germany were about 100,000 to 200,000, but not all of them made it

Where did Nazism begin?

Germany Nazism began from 1889 to 1945. The Nazi Party was under the leadership of Adolf Hitler and grew to rule Germany.

How did the Netherlands come under nazi rule?

The Netherlands come under Nazi rule because they were not prepared. The Nazi forces raided them in 1940 and that is how they ended up under Nazi rule.

Was prewar Germany a Communist country?

The prewar Germany was a parliamentary republic until the death of its President, Paul Von Hindenburg in 1934. Then became a Nazi dictatorship under the rule of Adolf Hitler, chief of the Nazi Party.

When did Romania come under Nazi rule?

Romania was never under Nazi rule !

When did Austria come under Nazi rule?

On 12 March 1938 German troops occupied the country and Austria became part of Germany through the Anschluss and remained under Nazi rule until the end of World War II.

Name the official party of Germany under Hitler's rule.?

National Socialist German Workers' Party which stands for NAZI

What eles did Hitler rule?

He just ruled over Germany, the countries hitler occupied were Nazi German - occupied states.

The murder of entire populations genocide that occured during Hitler's rule of Germany is called?

The genocide that occurred during Hitler's rule of Germany is called the Holocaust; six million Jews were persecuted and murdered by Hitler and his Nazi regime.

How much opposition was there to Nazi rule?

very little because there was terror and because nazi successes, economic fears and the grates effects of propaganda jaja by tato vidal *** Although little there was some. Although the Nazi's did terrorise people with the 'Gustapo' (Secret Police) and almost brainwash them with Nazi ideas there were alot of people who hated the Nazis but because of fear kept it to themselves incase they were taken away. There were such teenage groups such as 'The Edelweiss Pirates' and 'The Swing Movement' who went against Nazi rules. Hello my name is anus van lanen. I am very bad.