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The quick and easy answer is because they allow for higher quality video and sound. For the more complex answer, I refer you to Wikipedia's article on DVDs, particularly the History section (, which lays out how IBM helped get the two camps behind the MMCD and the SD to eventually agree on the DVD.

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Q: Why were DVDs invented?
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Were dvds around before 1997?

DVDs were invented in 1995.

When were DVDs movies invented?


Who invented DVDs?

Soren T. S.

What was invented since 1994?

DVDs in 1995

Who invented CDs and DVDs?

James Russell invented the compact disk in 1965.

Who was the DVDs inventor?

The DVD was supposivley invented by tosiba but some people think it was invented by sony.

What was invented the year 2000?

CD's, DVDs, but they did not come on the market until 2002.

Who invented DVD players and DVDs?

Many companies (eg. Sony, Warner Brothers, LG etc.) came together and invented together.

What is the diff between CD and DVD?

CDs were made earlier than DVDs. CDs were a new version of the very old black disks. DVDs were invented later, DVDs are put in a rectangler box because it was an earlier version of a video tape.

What did akio morita do?

Akio morita was the one who invented the Televisions PPlayStation's DVDs "SONY" Productions.

When were the DVDs invented?

I would say around 1955. But I'm not completely sure, but it's my best answer. P.S sorry about the error.

What exactly is the difference between HD DVDs and DVDs?

HD DVDS are DVDs that can be played on high definition TV players. The regular DVD can be played on any TV and is not in the same definition as the HD DVDs.

Can you watch DVDs on all computers?

You can watch DVDs on any computer that has a DVD player and software for playing DVDs.

How can I grab data DVDs hd DVDs video DVDs into a blank DVDv disc?

You can use DVD Copier

What main purpose was the DVD invented?

The DVD was invented to make watching films easier. Some features of DVDs that VHS tapes do not have are be able to choose to watch any scene of the movie instantly, and extra scenes.

How do you watch DVDs on Sony nwz?

You have to convert the dvds first.

How many DVDs does x plane have?


Should you write DVDs or DVD's meaning a number of dvds?

singular DVD, plural DVDs (digital versatile discs)

How do you rip DVDs to r4ds?

You need a DVD drive to rip DVDs then you may need to get software that can convert DVDs to r4d

When did they start making DVDs?

The DVD was invented in 1993, but wasn't placed on the market until November of 1996 in Japan, and March 1997 in the United States.

Why a CD drive cannot run a DVD while a DVD player is able to run cds?

Well now, think about it. CDs were invented years before DVDs, so it's likely that CD drives will not incorporate the advanced technology needed to run DVDs.

Will region 4 DVDs play in Ireland?

Ireland is in Region 2 for DVDs, so Region 4 DVDs will not play in Ireland.

Can you watch DVDs on a PS3?

You can watch DVDs and Blu-rays on the PS3.

What is dvds?

dvds are a type of tecnolgy that you watch through a DVD player

Does the Playstation play DVDs?

No only the PS2 and PS3 can play DVDs