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They wanted to establish colonies because the pilgrams were being killed by the indies

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Q: Why were English colonies establish?
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A promise to lure colonists in the English establish 13 colonies?

Gold :)

How many years did it take the English to establish the 13 colonies?

125 years

Why did the English want to establish the colonies in north America?

To keep on going with their religious belief's

Who was successful in all their attempts to to establish colonies in the new world?

English, Spanish, French

What gave the English permission to establish colonies in north America?

The East India Trading Company

What did the mayflower compact establish among the English colonies and ultimately for the usa?

to ensure that only pilgrams governed.

What motivated the English government and English people to establish colonies in north America?

Resources, much like what the rest of Europe did to the "new world"

What form of government did the clonists establish in the colonies themselves?

What form of government did the colonists establish in the colonies themselves

English colonization efforts in North America were eventually successful because?

the English sent large numbers of settlers to establish colonies based on agriculture

Why did the English establish colonies in north America?

they needed to build boats and make money to buy bigger lands.

Why English settlers establish colonies in North America?

To gain religious freedom and to escape a ridged class system.

Where did the English establish their colonies in America?

They established their colonies in the thirteen colonist but more specifically the first established settlement was in Jamestown, Virginia. Hope this helps!

Where did Columbus establish a colony?

he didn't "establish" any colonies

What colonies did non-english settlers first establish?

New Jersey was first discovered by the Dutch and called New Netherlands before the English took it over.

In what ways did French colonies differ from English colonies in Northern America?

How do they differ?:•French colonies had mainly come to the U.S. for fish and fur. They had a good relationship with the Native Americans because they had to trade with them. •British (English) colonies didn't have good relationships with the Native Americans. The English came to the Americas just to establish colonies, and also wanted competition. Since the English had the best and largest navy, getting new lands would be better for them.

Why did Greeks' establish colonies?


What would you establish in the middle colonies?

key skills

Where did colonies establish?

A form of government.

Why did England wait until the 1600 to establish permanent colonies in America?

Why did england wait until the 1600 to establish permanent colonies in America?

Why did King George II want to establish the thirteenth colony?

There was not a goal of 13 colonies. In fact, there were 32 colonies total. During the last two decades of the 16th century the English Crown granted various proprietors and chartered companies authority to establish colonies in America. These led to the creation of 12 colonies and in 1730 a group of government sponsored trustees established Georgia. Except for New Hampshire and Nova Scotia, both of which were started under direct supervision of the crown, these colonies were private ventures and not supervised by the English. Between 1624-1729 the majority of the colonies were made into royal provinces and this included the private colonies.

Where did the british establish colonies in the new world?

They established colonies in the Caribbean islands, Canada, and the thirteen colonies

When did the Greeks establish colonies?

In ancient Greece.

Why did mercantile nations establish colonies?


Where did the british establish colonies?

Ducttape island

Where did the vikings establish large colonies?


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