Why were Greek legends told?

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mythology was written to give examples to the Greek citizens so that society would improve

What is the Most told Greek myth?

Well the answer to that is the Odyessy or the Trojain Wars. or Panadora's box another story is the story of how the earth was made(the Creation Story)!

What is the legend of the Greek god Apollo?

There are many legends about Apollo. But one of my favourites is the story of Hyacinthus. Hyacinthus was a golden boy who was loved by two gods. Apollo and Zephyrus, the god of the west wind. The two were constantly jealous if Hyacinthus spent time with the other. One day Hyacinthus was playing disc ( Full Answer )

Why are there so many Greek myths and legends?

Well, perhaps because many things which could not be explained in the past caused people to think of these things.. Sorry if this doesn't help, I've just started learning these things in school!

Why did the Greeks told fables?

The Greeks told fables about Gods and the myths of Gods in order to explain the creation of the world and natural events that could not be explained any other way, such as the creation of horses or why the sun went across the sky.

King in Greek legend who nearly starved?

King Midas, because whatever he touched turned to gold, so he could never eat or drink anything until he asked Dionysus to take back his wish. (to turn whatever he touched to gold)

When was the first Greek myth told?

The first Greek myth about Greek gods started being written down and told at around 500 b.c.e., as that was around the time the gods were said to have originated.

In the Greek legends Poseidon was the God of what?

Poseidon is the god of the oceans. He got all the kinds of water got the salt and fresh water for the oceans. His brother Zeus got the air and his other brother Hades got the underworld.

What was the oldest Greek legend?

Well, the Creation Myths would be the tales that take place before all others. There are several different theories surrounding the Beginning of Time. The Pelasgian Creation Myth, the Homeric and Orphic Creation Myth, the Olympian Creation Myth, and then two less common Philosophical Creation Myths. ( Full Answer )

What are greek myths and legends?

Greek myths are any story having to do with the immortals and fictionous mortals of Greek times. Greek legends are stories that have immortalized a person, or several people even beyond Greek times.

What are some scary Greek myths and legends?

The myth of Jason and the golden fleece is one. In it sirens (female creatures whose beautiful singing lured handsome young men to their watery graves) try to lure the men aboard the ship to climb the cliff to get to them and die drowning in the icy waters of the sea. But they don't succeed because ( Full Answer )

What were greek myths and legends about?

The Greeks had myths and legends to explain everything. How each city was founded. How people learned to write. Why the sea is salty. How the world began. Why there is both good and evil in the world. Everything that now we explain with religion, the Greeks explained with fable and myth. And then ( Full Answer )

What were the legends told in Watership Down?

There are 5 legends. The Story of the Blessing of El-ahrairah, The Story of the Kings Lettuce, The Story of the Trial of El-ahrairah, The Story of El-ahrairah and the Black Rabbit of Inle The Story of Rowsby Woof and the Fairy Wogdog

When was the first Greek story told?

Probably by the blind poet known as "Homer". It was in the 1200bc's and it was about Oddyseus. The story took place during the Trojan War. The names of the stories were the "Iliad" and the "Oddysey"

Why are myths and legends told today?

Myths and legends are told today because it makes you learn the past and also tell you what was in the past when your not born.

Is minotaur a greek legend?

Yes, the minotaur was originally a greek legend. It was the off spring of Cretan Bull and Pasiphae.

When did The Greeks develop a system of myths and legends?

Greek myths and legends were developed thousands of years ago. That may not seem very specific, however, we do not have any accurate dates for these things; when they first appeared, they were not published in books with copyright dates, they were an oral tradition, handed down by verbal storytellin ( Full Answer )

What are some Ancient Greek myths and legends?

Daphne and Apollo, The Odyssey, Medusa/Pegasus, Cronus, the Titans, Helen of Troy, Athena and Arachne, Icarus and Daedalus, The Birth of Aphrodite, The Illiad, Persephone, Hephaestus/Aphrodite/Aries love triangle, Jason and the Argonauts, The Stygian Witches, Scylla, Hydra, Heracles/Hercules, and al ( Full Answer )

What myths or legends were Poseidon a Greek god in?

The myth of how Athens was named. He created horses. In the story of Pyrhha and Deucalion. Theseus and the Minotaur. The story of Odysseus. Perseus and Medusa The myth of creation The war of troy. And basically many other stories involving the sea.

Why were greek legends created?

To help the people of Greece understand the world and how it was created. It's just like other civilizations.

What are some Greek legends?

There are plenty of them, they fill many volumes. Go to the library and ask for a book that will suit your needs.

What was so special about the Greek legend of Artemis?

Artemis was one of the twelve Olympian gods and goddesses that ruled both mortal and immortal, she was twin to Apollo, who was god of the light of the sun, not the sun itself - for that was the Titan Helios - so she became associated with the moon and the Titan Selene. Her father was Zeus, father an ( Full Answer )

How old is the legend of the Greek goddess Artemis?

All greek goddess date back to around about 7000 BC, when the original inhabitants of Greece were primarily farmers (this is around the time that the originally densely forested land was mostly cut down). They were originally local fertility spirits, so it could have been any number of local myths t ( Full Answer )

What is a Greek legend?

A greek legend is a myth/story that the people of Greece wrote to help them make sense of their world. They also wrote them because they loved to tell sories. If you meant "What is an example of a greek myth?" then just look up "The story of Odysseus." on Google.

What is a greek myth or legend?

a Greek myth or legend is a myth or legend originating from Greek origin. see, Daedalus and Icarus, Zeus,Poseidon, hades and thier father kronos, Theseus and the minotaur etcetcetc

What Greek myth or legend is Zeus in?

Zeus is in many greek myths. Lena and the swan, the war with the Titans, birth of perseus, Hercules, the tale of Troy, The Illiad, the story of Tiresias, etc...

Is Ulysses a greek legend?

Ulysses is the Roman name of the Greek hero Odysseus whose adventures were described in Homer's Odyssey.

What is the legend of the Greek hero Perseus?

King Acrisicis received a prophecy from the oracle that his grandson would kill him, so he locked up his daughter, Danae. Zeus loved Danae, so they secretly got married. Danae soon had a son, Perseus. Danae ran away to an island with her son. A king of that island, Polydectes, wanted to marry Danae, ( Full Answer )

What connection is there between Greek and Norse legends?

They bot have stories of brothers betraying each other (Romulus and Remus) (Thor and Loki). They both have a sacred tree (Mount Olympus and Yggdrasil. Try going on Wikipedia and looking up, "Proto-Into-European-religion"

How many Greek myths and legends?

no one knows how many there are because there are millions that they can think of that are true or not true.:)

What is a good greek legend about mountains?

When Perseus, a Greek hero, took a mosters head and showed it to Atlas, the Titan god who holds up the sky. Atlas took one look at the head and, since it was so ugly, turned to stone. The head was the head of Medusa. Since Atlas was so big he turned into the Atlas mountain range.

Was the greek minotaur a legend?

The Minotaur was a creature from mythology, supposedly half bulland half human. No such creature could exist in reality, even if ahuman female did mate with a bull. No offspring would result.

What are some untrue legends told about William Shakespeare?

1. William Shakespeare did not write his plays. This is the most obviously untrue and yet most persistent of such legends. 2. William Shakespeare was a personal friend of Queen Elizabeth I. Again, obviously untrue. Players did not associate with queens. 3. William Shakespeare was the leader of a pla ( Full Answer )

What were the stories told about ancient Greeks called?

Myths are stories that are usually about gods or other near godlike creatures or people. They may often explain natural phenomenons like why we have seasons or where lightening and thunder come from. They may be about the actions of various gods. Or about heroes and half human half god people who we ( Full Answer )

Why Greeks told myths?

All cultures had myths. They provided explanations for why thingshappened (e.g. the seasons, storms, earthquakes).