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One of the main reason the houses were built close together in early villages was for protection in case of attack. The homeowners looked out for one another.

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Q: Why were Houses in early villages were built close together?
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Houses in early villages were built close together to?

in case of attack

Houses in early villages were built close together to what?

protect residents in case of attact

Why were houses in early villages built so close together?

Because they are low-order goods and services

Why where houses built close together in early villages?

So they could protect each other easily by getting there faster

Houses in early villages were built close together because?

In early villages, houses were built close together so that help would be near in the case of an attack. An isolated house would be an easy target for roaming bands of Native American tribes. By building homes close together, the colonists were able to keep watch on the neighborhood and see when something was amiss.

The earliest villages were made up of about how many people?

Actually the earliest villages usually had anywhere from 150 to 200 villagers. They built there houses close together to protect from wind and competing villages from attacking. 150 to 200 A+ students

What were the characteristics of new England town and villages?

New England's towns and villages were very close together at first. The houses were built so that the people could protect each other. There was usually a group of houses and then a group of shops like a bakery, blacksmith, and general store.

Why were the houses in ancient Egypt built close together?

in case of an attack

What were the houses like in Massachusetts in 1620?

The houses in Massachusetts in 1620 were built like cabins. People would build houses close to each other which formed small villages.

Were the native americans houses built close together?

I would say no more than 30 ft apart.

Was their a fire in Barkerville?

Yes, and since the houses were built so close together the whole town burn down and had to be rebuilt.

What is the name of houses close together?

Its calld apartmentz

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