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They weren't, that's the whole lesson of the Holocaust. There is no perfect race. That was an ego-centric illusion that led to the deaths of millions of people, a group that might have included men and women who would have found new medical cures, expanded scientific frontiers, written classic novels or otherwise changed the world for the better. Hitler was a horrible, horrible man. He was also, what I find, very uneducated.His favorite movies were Godzilla and Snow white.He also thought blue eye blond hair people were ideal Germans... :( you know that people with blonde hair and blue eyes arent necissarialy "germans" we are also norweigans....-_-

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Q: Why were blondes with blue eyes the perfect race?
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Why did Hitler hate blue eyes?

Hitler didn't hate people with blue eyes, he actually thought that people with blue eyes and blonde hair were part of the perfect race, the Aryan race.

Who were not targeted in the holocaust?

the perfect race. IE- blonde, blue eyes, christian

What was Hitlers perfect person plan?

He was wanting a perfect race of people with the appearances: blond hair, blue eyes.

What did Hitler mean by the perfect race?

To Hitler a "perfect race" was "blonde hair, blue eyes, white and young." Other wise known as the Aryan Race ~Avree (Circlesquarecircle.)

Why did Hitler go against the Jews?

Because he wanted the perfect race of blonde hair and blue eyes.

What was Hitlers description of a perfect race?

blonde hair blue eyes and i think about five feet tall

What did Hitler call people with blue eyes blond hair?

Hitler desired an ideal "perfect race".

Why did hitler kill black people?

He wanted a ''perfect'' Aryan race of people with blonde hair and blue eyes (I'd fit in to Hitler's "perfect world" but ironically he didn't. Whilst he was quite renowned for his piercing blue eyes his hair was brown.)

What was the perfect person like in Hitler's eyes?

Blond hair and blue eyes also known as the Aryan race even though he didn't have these characteristics himself.

Why did Hitler annihilate Jewish peelople?

Because he believed in creating the perfect race which was tall, blonde haired, and blue eyes

What was Hitler's idea of a perfect society?

Hitler's idea for a perfect society was no gypsies, Jews, homosexuals,ect. In his eyes Germans should be the dominate race, also he thought blonde hair and blue eyes were the perfect look for a human. Yet hiter had dark hair and eyes.

What did Jewish people do to Germany and Hitler?

They didn't do anything to Hitler or Germany. Hitler wanted to have a perfect race with blonde hair, blue eyes and white. He thought Jews stupid and weren't good for the perfect race.

Why did Adolf Hitler start Nazi camps?

Adolf Hitler wanted to have a perfect society. Perfect in his eyes meant blonde hair, blue eyes, and Non-Jew. He wanted to "clense" the Jewish race out of the world.

What was the purpose of the Aryan race?

the answer is there was no purpose it was Hitler perfect race..he wanted Germans to be like Persians but look like Germany hince the blonde hair blue eyes

What was perfect person for the Nazi?

Blond hair and blue eyes and also clear german blood with no other race. This was inspired from his wife.

Adolf hitlers enemies?

Jews because he wanted a perfect race like blond hair and blue eyes that's what he wanted.

Is blonde hair and blue eyes more common than blonde hair and green eyes?

Yes, Because a man named Hitler tried to make the perfect race, Blue eyes and Blond hair, and he almost did do it but he committed suicide because he had brown hair and brown eyes.

Why he only like the people that had blue eyes and blond hair?

He believed they were the "superior race". Blue eyes and blonde hair was refered to as the "aryan race".

Why were Jews sent to Aushwitz?

The Germans thought that the Jews were interfering with the Nazis and there plan to create an Arean race ( Perfect humans) in there eyes (blonde hair and blue eyes). hope this helps

Motive of Germany in World War 2?

The motive of Germany was to make the human race perfect (by eraticating those of lesser genes, including, people of Jewish or jypsy descentcripples, or people without blond hair, not round heads and blue eyes)in the eyes of their leader Hitler and to have plently of living space for their perfect race

Why did adolf hittler like blue eyes and blonde hair when he didnt have blue eyes and blonde hair?

hittler didn`t like Jews because he wanted to be a artist and the Jews didn`t think that he hed what it took and so he wanted to have a perfect race of blonde hair and blue eyes and no Jews what so ever.

What kind of race would a person be if they have blue eyes and brown hair?

that's not a race.

Was Hitler Aryan race?

no, Aryan race was someone who had blue eyes and blonde hair

What was Adolf Hitler's theory on race?

you have to have blond hair and blue eyes to be hitlers race

What was the reason for blue eyes and blond hair?

in the eyes of Hitler having blond hair and blue eyes was perfection. so formed the arian race.