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Dissenters were important because they contributed alternative perspectives, sparked critical thinking, and challenged the status quo. Their dissent often led to progress, change, and innovation by questioning existing norms and pushing for improvements in society.

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Q: Why were dissenters important?
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Which colony attracted dissenters through the protection of liberty of conscience?

Rhode Island attracted dissenters.

What is a riddle dissenters?

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Group of English religious dissenters of the 1500s - 1600s?

The Puritans were dissenters who sought to change practices in the Church of England.

What has the author Curate of the same county written?

Curate of the same county. has written: 'A letter of religion to the Protestant-dissenters from the Church of England, of what denomination soever in the county of Kent' -- subject(s): Dissenters, Religious, Religious Dissenters

Are Quakers and dissenters the same thing?

no they are not

What did roger Williams and anne Hutchinson do to be labeled as dissenters?

Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson preached different messages to people and was labeled as dissenters.

What has the author Mark Wilks written?

Mark Wilks has written: 'Nonconformity' -- subject(s): Bible, Dissenters, Religious, Religious Dissenters, Sermons

What rhymes with tenors?

Centers Enters Dissenters

Who were the 3 dissenters?

tommos hucer is one of them

Where did Nicholas I exile suspected dissenters?


What has the author Hubert Walsh written?

Hubert Walsh has written: 'The dissenters in Standish(1600-1800)' -- subject(s): Church history, Religious Dissenters

Why did James you suppress dissenters?

James I suppressed dissenters in order to consolidate his power and maintain control over his kingdom. He believed in the divine right of kings and sought to suppress any challenges to his authority, including from religious dissenters, in order to maintain stability and prevent rebellion.