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Why were human bodies mummified?


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they were mummified so there bodies could be reserved for the after life. they could be preserved so during the afterlife they could look healthy. The bodies could be preserved for many many years!

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The bodies have their organs taking out and are embalmed.

they were mummified to preserve their bodies as well as possible for the after life.

when bodies are mummified they get their lungs, liver, stomach, and intestines taken out.

to preserve their bodies for the 'after life'.

They mummified there body to preserve them.

if the bodies of the mummified bodies weighed more than a feather there soul may be devoured by god. that was an honour hope this was helpfull. :)

To prepare their bodies for the spirit world

They were mummified in linen and the linen was glued t the body And yes mummified is a real word.

Pharohs only. They mummified them to ensure a safe keeping of they body so that the pharoh could live a preserved afterlife

The valley of the kings or Pyramids in ancient Egypt

STo preserve the bodies of the pharaohs

Embalmers mummified the pharaohs, as well as the chief embalmer wearing a jackal mask to represent Anubius the god of mummification.

Egyptians thought pharaohs needed their bodies in the afterlife.

How they lived, what they ate, their religious beliefs and traditions. Also what they wore, the gods they worshipped and feared and the way they mummified bodies. We can observe the roles within the family and gather information as to who was the boss or the chief of the family.

Tutankhamun was mummified for the same reason that other people were mummified; to preserve their bodies. Ancient Egyptian's believed that for a person to proceed successfully into the Afterlife, they needed to be as life-like as possible, mummification ensured this.

The ancient Egyptians mummified dead bodies of dead fellow Egyptians.

They didn't. They mummified them that's why they're preserved.

They were mummified to be preserved. It is also in the Egyptians' belief that when they mummified them, and put items in their coffins, they would use them in the underworld where they went after they died. However, only rich families could afford mummification, it was highly expensive.

Poor people could not always be mummified because it was an expensive procedure.some saved money their entire lives to be muummified. They belived that if you were mummified,you would travel safely to the next world.

Mummification was important because the Egyptians thought that they would need their bodies when they passed on to the after-life so they mummified their bodies.

Human bodies were not 'invented'.

The owner wanted to preserve the bodies and thought animals were alive in the after life

ye if you live in Ancient Egypt You need to buy a time machine from cash converters Your bodies has to be preserved in some way in order to be mummified, or it'll just rot away.

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