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Why were seaplanes made?

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Sea planes are useful because they do not require a runway. They can be landed on any body of water with enough space.

2007-06-18 02:41:02
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When was Palm Beach Seaplanes created?

Palm Beach Seaplanes was created in 1995.

When was Loch Lomond Seaplanes created?

Loch Lomond Seaplanes was created in 2007.

What are the advantage of a seaplanes?

Seaplanes can be used to access remote areas that are surrounded by water. E.G. Islands, remote parts with rivers and even ships.

How do seaplanes take off?

They are buoyant so the water serves as their runway.

What is plane landing on water and land called?

Seaplanes.Amphibious aircraft are capable of landing on both water and land. They are sometimes referred to as seaplanes, flying boats or float-planes.

Do planes fly or float?

Fly. Actually seaplanes do both and can take off and land from the water.

What are airoplans called that take off from water?

Airplanes that take off from, and land on water are called seaplanes.

Scorpion island how did the adventurers get there?

In series two, by skydiving, in series three, by mini subs, helicopters and seaplanes.

What is the weight limit for sports aircraft?

600 kg for aircraft operated from land, 650 kg for seaplanes.

What has the author L P Coombes written?

L. P. Coombes has written: 'Notes on stubs for seaplanes'

What are seaplanes used for?

They allow use of water as an airport, essentially eliminating the need for runways to be built in remote areas of the world.

What has the author Arthur Gouge written?

Arthur Gouge has written: 'Flying boats and their possible developments' -- subject(s): Seaplanes

Did the regia marina and regia aeronautica use seaplanes in the battle of Britain?

See the links below for your answer about the Regia Marina and Regia Aeronatica.

Can planes still fly if landed in the water safely even if they are not seaplanes?

I think planes can't do that, because they would simply sink slowly.

What is the Spitfire origin?

The Spitfire origin was fast racing seaplanes. Reginald Mitchell's designs later became one of the first fast monoplane fighters.

What has the author Tom Emerson written?

Tom Emerson has written: 'Seaplanes from Coeur d'Alene' -- subject(s): Air pilots, Biography 'Hangar flying'

Is a outrigger a type of canoe?

Yes. it has two hulls- one on an extension, in a sense a forerunner of pontoon boats or floats used on seaplanes, or catamarans, which have two hulls.

How many planes were involved during Battle of Midway?

Counting seaplanes, reconnaissance (scout) planes, and land based airplanes; there were approximately 300 aircraft apiece on each side.

What kind of aircraft did the Germans use during ww1?

The Germans used many different aircraft in WW1. They had many observer aircraft and small fighter as well as seaplanes and some bombers.

Who invented the overhead projector?

A man named Jenkins, not sure of the first name, made various technical improvements in Movie Projectors in the twenties. He was also an aircraft pilot of the experimental type- light seaplanes, as I recall, and WA ssomething of a TV pioneer as well, a versatile inventor! Jenkins Radiovision was his big, but somewhat obscure (Hit) a form of television device.

What is the average speed of a seaplane?

This is a generalization, but the majority of "seaplanes" are basic, single engine aircraft like Pipers or Beechcrafts with pontoons rather than wheels. Such planes have a nominal cruise speed of about 125-140 MPH.

Where is the engine located on a single engine plane?

Most commonly on the front attached to the fuselage. However, there are many variations. On a "pusher" the engine is at the back of the fuselage. The engine can be mounted above the wing and fuselage on some seaplanes.

How high do seaplanes legally have to fly?

The only minimum is to be 1000ft away from crowded areas. Other than that they simply need to fly safely, see and avoid other traffic, and if in controlled airspace, comply with ATC instructions.

Is there any airport built on water?

sea airport or sea shells NEW RESPONDENT Yes there are. Seaplanes, float-planes and flying boats are splashing down and taking off on/from water airports, which is the name given to "airport on water".

What has the author Percy James Hammond Sumner written?

Percy James Hammond Sumner has written: 'Marine aircraft' -- subject(s): Seaplanes 'The design and stability of streamline kite balloons' -- subject(s): Kite Balloons, Military Aeronautics