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Not a complete list of course, but some reasons,not in any order would be : Patriotism, adventure, to escape un-employment,escape parental rules,or boredom,need for excitement,chance to travel the world, even in some cases escape the courts and police. I think the majority were to fight those who attacked us.

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Q: Why were so many young men and women eager to enlist in World War 2?
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In World War I how did young men enlist in the army?

they signed up at the recruiting station, as they do today

Use enlist in a sentence?

The Judge ordered the young man to enlist in the army as part of his sentence for the crime of burglary.

Why were young men on both sides eager to fight when World War I started?

They wanted to help their country and their allies.

Were people forced to go to war in World War I?

Some countries did have conscription (aka "the Draft"), and required young men to enlist. Other young men signed up voluntarily.

Why were young men so eager to fight in World war 1?

they thought it would not last long and it would be quite fun

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Why were so many young men eager in Australia to enlist in World War 1?

Nationalism plays a big part in a soldier's desire to join the war. The soldiers wanted to be able to say they fought for their country. Also, before WW1 started they thought it was only going to last a few months. however, they were wrong and the war lasted a couple years.

How young does one need to be to enlist in the Marines?

The marines will take people of different ages. In order to enlist to become a marine you should be between the age of 17 and be no older than 29. It is possible you can enlist when you are over 29 but you will have to submit a waiver.

How did Anne Frank change during World War Two?

Anne change from a young girl to young women during World War two.

How did they recruit soldiers for World War 1?

In the US, the military put up posters asking for volunteers. They also set up recruitment centers for young men to enlist.

Did young men have to enlist in World War 2?

At the beginning of World War Two (and before) men willingly enlisted. The government put the draft in place eventually. The draft weeded out those who were not eligible to serve and those who could. Men continued to enlist willingly though. Some young men who were only 17 uncommonly and fraudulently enlisted too by telling the recruiters they were 18 and often showed false papers.

Why were young men so eager to sign up for World War 1?

They thought it would be an exciting adventure, and it had been decades since Europe had a major war.

Where did young men enlist for world war 1?

Men either went to the village hall near them, the army base near them or sometimes people would come to your school, house or college

How did women contributed in world war?

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Why did young british men enlist and fight in ww1?

Primarily through peer pressure, bravery, and love of our Empire.

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How did the US reorganize the economy and raise money and conserve food for the war?

Immediately after the United States declared war, eager young men began volunteering for military service, but volunteers alone would not be enough so President Wilson went to Congress to establish a draft. A month later Congress passed the Selective Service Act which required all young men between 21 and 30 to enlist in the military.

What did some women do during the world war 1?

they looked after young children in safe houses away from battlefields.

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