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Q: Why were the American suspicious?
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What to look out for when buying American used car?

be very suspicious if the owner is not American

Why were American courts and legislatures suspicious of pools?

They interfered with competition and property rights

Who said of the Japanese Americans in World War 2 'The fact that there has been no suspicious activity is in itself suspicious'?

I have heard it said that it was an American general who said that, in response to a reporter mentioning that there had been no suspicious activity amongst the Japanese Americans. But I have not been able to find out what his name was.

A sentence for suspicious?

We want phrases to describe suspicious not sentence

Which Congressional committee had the job of investigating suspicious secret activities of communists?

Un-American Activities Committee

What is the opposite of suspicious?

Someone or something not suspicious: trustworthy or trusted. Someone not feeling suspicious : trusting, unwary

What is the past tense of suspicious?

'Suspicious' is an adjective, it doesn't have a past tense.

Do we say looking suspicious or acting suspicious?

We say "acting suspicious" to describe someone's behavior or actions that seem questionable or cause concern. On the other hand, "looking suspicious" may refer to someone's appearance that suggests potential wrongdoing, but the more common phrase is "acting suspicious."

What might suspicious do?

Suspicious characters do a lot of lurking about...

What is the adverb for suspicious?

The adverb for suspicious is suspiciously.

What is the synonum for not suspicious?

The synonym for "not suspicious" is "trustworthy" or "reliable."

What is the spelling of suspichous?

The correct spelling is "suspicious."