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Reluctant states wanted the control, the final document for Article of Confederation allowed state government to retain most of their power and restricted national government to provide common defense. There was no national executive (president) and no judiciary (supreme court). The new system became more of a representative order and allowed people to speak for their state. It was also meant to prevent tyranny (imbalance power of one) by central authority. See more on check and balance.

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At the time the states wanted a weak central government for obvious reasons.

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Q: Why were the state and government powers limited?
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What principle does the tenth amendment state?

The powers of the National Government are limited

What is idea that powers not given to the Federal government by the constitution belong to the state?

Limited Government

What is limited and unlimited government?

a limited government is a government with limited powers & vise versa

How did the state constitutions limit the powers of the government?

They limited the powers of their government by Separation of Powers. This means that power is divided among 3 branches. The 3 branches are Judicial, Executive and Legislative.

What effect did the sanctity of contracts have on state government powers?

it limited the power of states to regulate business

What term declares that the states shall keep all powers not granted to the national government?

"Limited Government" or a government of "Limited Powers"

What is a example of limited government?

a type of government in which its functions and powers are prescribed, limited and restricted by law.

What does the limited government do?

limits kings powers

What terms refers to an alliance of independent states that is limited by having only the powers the state granted to the central government?


What term refers to an alliance of independent states that is limited by having only the powers the state granted to the central government?


Does the constitution gives the government unlimited power?

No, the constitution does not give unlimited power, in fact it gives only limited powers to the government. There are 3 types of powers: Expressed, Implied, and Reserved. Expressed Powers - powers for the Federal government that are not specifically stated in the Constitution. Implied Powers - powers for the federal government that are actually written down in the constitution. Reserved Powers - powers given to state government (basically the left-over powers that the Federal government isn't in charge of.)

How does Limited government promote freedom?

Limited government allows citizens the ability to direct the future of their community and local policy. Limited government, in theory, promotes freedom by giving people a voice while limiting government influence over free markets and civil liberties.