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Why were the waffen SS the best troops of World War 2?

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2010-03-22 17:41:51

The Waffen SS were fierce fighters because of tough training,

and racial beliefs. They were ideologically motivated unlike any

other soldier during the war. They were also extremely loyal to

Hitler and would die for him without a second hesitation. Besides

training and motivation which made them deadly cold blooded

efficient killers, they were also driven by Hitlers racial beliefs

and laws. Every SS soldier was a die hard believer of the whole

"arian being superior to all other races" thing. Their ideology and

racial views fueled the holocaust in which the SS were in charge.

This forever linked SS with racial hatred and hideous war crimes.

Training and racial ideology practice made the SS devoted to Hitler

in battle which made retreat or defeat not an option. They were the

most feared para-military organization in history. What made them

so good was the environment in which they trained. Waffen SS

training was the hardest in the world at that time. They were the

elite at that time. SS training was harder than modern USMC. What

was hardest was Himmlers tough racial purity laws. Recruits have to

be 5'10", no defective teeth, you couldn't wear spectacles, and had

to trace your arian purity back to 1700. One third of canidates

would fail physical inspections. All the training both physical and

ideological turned men into the ruthless, skilled soldiers that

were the Waffen SS. Intense physical and mental training, racial

beliefs, and a brutal, fearless reputation that they earned

themselves are what made the Waffen SS such a successful fighting


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