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Because the man who invented the Anderson shelter his surname was Anderson its just the same as the Morrison shelter too!!!

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Why were air raid shelters called Anderson shelters?

They was named after sir john Anderson in 1938

Who made Anderson shelters?

jon anderson made them

Which was more popular Morrison shelters or Anderson shelters?

anderson shelters were more popular

When were Anderson shelters invented?

Anderson shelters were invented in 1940.

What two air raid shelters called?

Anderson and Morrison.

What was the difference between Morrison and Anderson shelters?

Anderson shelters were outside and Morrison shelters were inside.

What were two types of air raid shelters called?

The two types of air raid shelters were called the Anderson shelters and the Morrison shelters, but I think there was another type of air raid shelter called the Brick-built shelter.

What were the two types of air raid shelters called?

The two types of air raid shelters are called the Anderson shelter and the Morrison shelter

What were the shelters called in world war 2?

they were called Anderson shelters which were maid of metal they were not very strong but they made people feel safe

What is better Anderson or Morrison shelters?


What year were Anderson shelters built?

The Anderson shelters were desifned in 1938 by William Paterson and Oscar Carl.

Where does the name Anderson shelters come from?

John Anderson

Are the Anderson shelters safe or can easily brake?

Anderson shelters were bomb shelters so if they broke easily they wouldn't be much help in protecting people from bombs!!

What shelters were used in world war 2?

Anderson shelters and in some cases Morisson shelters

What shelter did they have in World War 2?

Anderson shelters,morrison shelters

When were Anderson shelters introduced?

Anderson shelters, air raid shelters built for the poor, were introduced in 1938, just prior to the start of World War II. lol!

How were Anderson Shelters made?


Where were Anderson shelters built?


Who invented the bomb shelters?


What disadvantages did Anderson shelters have?

i dont no

Were Anderson shelters affective?

Yes they were!

Do Anderson shelters have a flag on the roof?

no they do not

How were anderson shelters effective?


Who built the Anderson shelters from World War 2?

John Anderson

What types of shelters were used during world war ll?

In the United Kingdom or rather Great Britain there were shelters called Anderson Shelters for people who wanted to have shelters at their homes. There were shelters in the cities that were located in basements, underground facilities, train stations and commercial places.

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